How much does a Long Term Care CNA make in the United States?

Average Long Term Care CNA Salary

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This is 14% lower than the cna US average of $1,490.

Estimate based on 34 active jobs in the last 90 days.

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What cities pay the most for Long Term Care CNA?

CityAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Walsenburg, Colorado$2,617$2,617
Appleton, Wisconsin$1,885$1,885
Lynchburg, Virginia$1,875$1,875
Miami, Florida$1,760$1,760
Fort Dodge, Iowa$1,553$1,553
Ontonagon, Michigan$1,545$1,545
Custer, South Dakota$1,535$1,535
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin$1,527$1,527
Madison, Wisconsin$1,420$1,420
Sturgis, South Dakota$1,404$1,404

Top Long Term Care CNA Jobs

View job details for Travel CNA - Long Term CareHallie's Medical Staffing
Travel CNA - Long Term Care
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bridgeville, Pennsylvania
Hallie's Medical Staffing
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Dec 67 wks5x8 hrsEvenings
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What are the highest paying Agencies for Long Term Care CNA jobs?

Average Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
GQR Healthcare$2,617$2,617
TotalMed Case Management Staffing$1,885$1,885
Accountable Healthcare Staffing$1,875$1,875
MedPro Healthcare Allied Staffing$1,760$1,760
LRS Healthcare - Travel Nursing$1,553$1,553
Medical Staffing Services Inc$1,420$1,420
Malone Healthcare$1,234$1,365
Hallie's Medical Staffing$1,200$1,200
Voca Health$1,094$1,188