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July 2021 Healthcare Wage Trends by State

Skilled nurses and other healthcare professionals are always in demand, but Covid-19 and the continued spread of the Delta variant have made them more needed than ever, especially in the ICU. Many states saw travel worker healthcare wages in the ICU increase over July 2021, while other states recorded drops in healthcare pay rates. A few states had little movement in healthcare pay, so wages remained about the same. Stay ahead of market trends by exploring ICU healthcare wage trends during July in all 50 states.


States With Wage Increases

All but seven states saw ICU healthcare wages increase during July, some by much more than others. Of these 43 states, Vermont recorded the highest overall increase at 34.2% and South Dakota had the lowest at 2.7%. The top three states with hefty wage increases also recorded rising Covid cases. 

  • Vermont has seen a distinct uptick in Covid-19 cases. The state recorded 34 new Covid diagnoses during the week ending June 28, which rose to 282 in just five short weeks.
  • After months of relatively stable cases, Wyoming’s health department noted a sharp increase, largely due to the Delta variant. Wyoming had 47 confirmed Covid cases on July 1, which doubled to 94 by August 1.
  • Covid-19 numbers are rising quickly in Mississippi and there’s already an extreme shortage of intensive care beds statewide. On July 1, Mississippi recorded 113 patients with confirmed infections, 36 patients in ICUs, and 12 patients on ventilators. By July 31, there were 907 patients with confirmed infections, 250 in ICUs, and 124 on ventilators.


State Average Weekly Pay
July 1
Average Weekly Pay
July 31
Percent Increase
Vermont $1,782 $2,392 34.2%
Wyoming $2,055 $2,628 27.9%
Mississippi $1,949 $2,469 26.7%
Kansas $1,955 $2,466 26.1%
Idaho $2,083 $2,495 19.8%
Oklahoma $2,224 $2,613 17.5%
Louisiana $2,039 $2,365 16%
Arizona $2,119 $2,456 15.9%
Florida $2,133 $2,460 15.5%
South Carolina $2,079 $2,388 14.9%
Alaska $1,869 $2,140 14.5%
Georgia $2,255 $2,580 14.4%
Minnesota $2,366 $2,702 14.2%
New Hampshire $2,038 $2,318 13.7%
Texas $2,062 $2,343 13.6%
Virginia $2,024 $2,279 12.6%
Arkansas $2,199 $2,464 12%
Maine $2,084 $2,334 12%
Connecticut $2,330 $2,604 11.8%
New York $2,237 $2,489 11.3%
Missouri $2,395 $2,655 10.9%
California $2,383 $2,619 9.9%
Washington $2,146 $2,345 9.3%
Massachusetts $2,349 $2,553 8.7%
Alabama $1,931 $2,092 8.3%
Wisconsin $2,300 $2,487 8.1%
North Carolina $2,152 $2,309 7.3%
Kentucky $2,174 $2,327 7%
Oregon $2,310 $2,471 7%
Nevada $2,243 $2,397 6.9%
Iowa $2,267 $2,418 6.7%
Hawaii $2,194 $2,331 6.2%
Tennessee $2,085 $2,215 6.2%
Utah $2,120 $2,233 5.3%
Michigan $2,178 $2,284 4.9%
New Mexico $2,343 $2,456 4.8%
West Virginia $2,043 $2,137 4.6%
Pennsylvania $2,362 $2,469 4.5%
Illinois $2,349 $2,433 3.6%
Maryland $2,295 $2,358 2.8%
South Dakota $2,339 $2,402 2.7%
Travel workers in Vermont saw the highest pay increases in July 2021.

States With Wage Decreases


Due to the current demand for healthcare professionals, it isn’t surprising that only three states saw healthcare pay rates decrease in July 2021. Montana had the largest drop with an 11.5% decrease in healthcare wages, despite 59 daily Covid-19 cases on July 1 jumping to 151 by July 31.


State Average Weekly Pay
July 1
Average Weekly Pay
July 31
Percent Increase
Ohio $2,210 $2,231 -1%
Colorado $2,341 $2,281 -2.6%
Montana $2,409 $2,131 -11.5%


States That Stayed the Same


Healthcare wages in four states stayed relatively the same throughout July. The overall change in pay rate between July 1 and July 31 was less than 1%.


State Average Weekly Pay
July 1
Average Weekly Pay
July 31
Percent Increase
Indiana $2,417 $2,404 -0.5%
New Jersey $2,356 $2,342 -0.6%
North Dakota $2,710 $2,686 -0.9%
Nebraska $2,499 $2,476 -0.9%


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I have been a critical care nurse since 2007. I grew up in the northeast but enjoy every corner of the country. My passions are people and travel. Travel nursing allows me to meet amazing people and satisfy my wanderlust. I love inspiring other nurses to travel and expand their practice.

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Thank you for taking the the time out to send the caregivers this information that is important to the travelers. Alot oh agency don’t go this part nor put the information out there for us to know. Thanks again for your concern.


May I ask what wages are going to do in the dialysis world? We saw no increase at all since this all started. Weekly wage increases are being posted for hospital based specialties making non-hospital based specialties question their worth (I write this after speaking and listening to other dialysis nurses) Why can’t/won’t recruiters fight for higher wages for all of us. We all risk the chance.


Thank you for taking the time to share this information. It is very much appreciated.


What truly angers me is a person working at McDonalds makes and starts at $15/hr!! A skilled Phlebotomist such as myself can only start at $12-$12.75/hr!!! REALLY???!!! We don’t NEED fast food but we truly need people to work in the medical field and to be paid like we are needed!!!


Good go see this transparency. May consider a contract.


I hate that our wages are always posted as weekly, monthly or annually and not hourly. Everyone avoids showing how brutally we are overworked for the wages published. People have this idea we have inflated salaries because they have a misunderstanding of our hours working to get them.


Hospitals are utilizing LPNs to fill in the gaps more during this pandemic. LPNs are working along side RNs doing 95-99%, in some cases 100% of the exact role as an RN. Hospitals should be ashamed of the pay rate being offered to the LPN. Sure, in some cases the pay should not be the exact same, but we are putting our lives in as much danger working on Covid units. As an LPN with 14 yrs of hospital med surge/ ICU experience, I’m highly insulted!!


Thank you for this information. Greatly appreciated!


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