Let the Jobs Come to You: How our Job Proposals can Land You the Perfect Job

Vivian Job Proposals are designed to match your job search criteria, and ultimately send you the ‘perfect’ job for you. Some candidates find they don’t have the time in their busy schedules to be searching for jobs and proposals are the ultimate way to find a job with as little research as possible. Recruiters can send matched jobs to candidates and the healthcare worker can decide whether it is right for them.

We recently interviewed a candidate who found her perfect travel job through a job proposal sent on Vivian after a month of searching.


Elizabeth A. is an ICU RN with over 10 years of experience. Most of her time has been spent as a staff nurse at an acute care facility in Boston, MA. After seeing jobs posted at her home hospital for over double what she was making, she made the decision to try out travel nursing. 

“There’s no sense in staying when I can make double”

Her initial plans were to find a job in NY or FL because she has family in those states that can provide housing. She heard about Vivian from a co-worker, that worked for Aya Healthcare, but liked the abundance of options on the Vivian site better. 

“One of my coworkers is a traveler…I never realized how many companies <travel nurse agencies> there are. She recommended the app to show all the options, even though she worked for AYA”

Elizabeth also used other platforms “just to look” but found she liked the Vivian site more because Vivian had more info about jobs and ‘overall accurate’ pay.  She really values being able to see pay for all jobs, a feature that isn’t even available to her on her current agency’s site. 

“that was the biggest thing- not a lot of websites say what the contracts are going to be- 36 vs 48- and post the real money. I also found that  some agencies were posting jobs with huge pay discrepancies” (once you talked to a recruiter).


Elizabeth applied with over 15 different recruiters on the Vivian site within the last 2 months. She was unsure if she wanted to travel too far away, and was also hesitant about leaving her co-workers and friends at her staff job. Despite applying with many agencies, she was finding that the jobs were filled within hours and or that it wasn’t a ‘good fit’ due to specialty or certifications requirements.

“Most recruiters responded, but the job wasn’t available or had already been filled.” 

She didn’t want a job with an ASAP start date because she wanted to be professional and give adequate notice to her full time role. She was a little frustrated and wasn’t sure exactly where she would end up.

Solution- Vivian Job Proposals!

After applying with multiple companies, Elizabeth received a job proposal for a local contract that sounded too good to be true. 

“I put out that I was interested in quite a few jobs, and it was…not the right fit…my recruiter sent me a proposal…for a job that was a good fit for me…I didn’t think you could even do local travel…She found me- so that was nice!”

She was able to connect with a Supplemental Healthcare recruiter and find the right job for her at the right time.  She also felt like this recruiter had her back and truly wanted to find her a great job. 

“I feel like I can’t say no to this” 

“this was just so nice”


Elizabeth secured a travel role at Boston Medical Center and is very happy with her choice, her recruiter, and her experience on the Vivian platform. 

“This was perfect. I don’t have to leave anywhere. This is double my pay.”

She was willing to increase her weekend commitment (previously every 3rd weekend at her staff job) to every other weekend because the pay and location were exactly what she wanted. She is enjoying her time and BMC and feels less stressed about her job as a nurse. 

 “I don’t want the responsibility of staff. I would have the sickest patients being in charge. It was stressful.”

When asked if she would recommend Vivian to her friends and colleagues she replied:

 “I’ve been a nurse for 12 years and I had never heard of it and I’ve told so many people about it!”

She also already has a ZOOM call to start looking for her next contract that is scheduled for late April with another recruiter she found on Vivian. 

Update Your Job Search Preferences

To make sure you are set to receive job proposals, make sure you have at least one box checked off in your ‘job search preferences’ section of your profile.

Once those are set, the door is open for recruiters to send you jobs! Just sit back, relax, and keep an eye on your inbox for premium job offers! Keep those preferences updated to ensure you are always receiving the best-matched jobs for you!

Rachel Norton BSN, RN

Rachel Norton has been a critical care nurse since 2007. She grew up in the northeast but enjoys every corner of the country. Her passions are people and travel, so travel nursing allows Rachel to both meet amazing people and satisfy her wanderlust - and she loves inspiring other nurses to do the same.

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Interested in travel assignment in southern California


Thanks for reaching out, Alima. Please browse our current job posts at to view and apply for positions in the southern California area. We currently have over 9,500 travel jobs throughout the state of California. We also have permanent, per diem and local contract jobs posted for the Golden State. Good luck in your job search!


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