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What’s the best thing you’ve seen in the hospital this week? #FromTheFrontLines



Nurses across the nation have been responding to and dealing with this pandemic for over three months. We wanted to bring a little optimism for our nurses and asked our community to share some positive events. 

Nurses from the NurseFly community said seeing patients recover from COVID and actually leave the hospital has been one of the brightest moments during these difficult times. Rachel RN shared that two patients at her facility made major progress being decannulated from ECMO and extubated.

Nurses also highlighted the camaraderie between nurses and support from the community as a primary source of hope and strength during the COVID pandemic. 

Comment below or message us with stories of positivity #FromTheFrontLines


My hospital celebrated 50 COVID patients making a full recovery and getting to go home and
be reunited with their families.

To be able to see kids go home after successful surgeries and having negative COVID results.

My very first COVID-19 patient being home.

The firefighters, the cops and sheriffs in San Francisco all lined up and clapped for us.

Everyone working together and helping each other out.

All of my coworkers step up and provide extra emotional support and companionship for our patients since they didn’t have their families to visit them in the hospital.

Two patients decannulated from ECMO and one extubated ready to goto the floor.

Just the overwhelming sense of community and love for eachother




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