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How Much Do ICU Travel Nurses Make?

ICU travel nurses are detail-oriented nurses that specialize in critical thinking. Their clinical skills with high acuity patients and complex technology sets them apart from some of the other nursing specialties. ICU nurses are constantly evaluating their patients and processing data related to their care. For these reasons, among others, ICU travel nurses can routinely find high-paying contracts if they are flexible to location. So, how much do ICU travel nurses make? 

Even before COVID-19, ICU nursing experience was an invaluable asset to hold as an RN. ZipRecruiter states the average ICU travel nurse pay is $102,061 for 2020. Last year, ZipRecruiter reported an average ICU travel nurse pay of $111,523. That’s expected to skyrocket after all of those high-pay COVID contracts.

how much do travel icu nurses make

Facilities will pay top dollar for an experienced ICU nurse that needs almost no training. ICU travel nurse jobs have always been abundant. Specialty ICUs like trauma and CVICU tend to pay a bit higher than general ICU jobs. 

NurseFly has over 5,000 ICU travel nurse jobs with salaries between $1300 and $4000+ per week. The higher paying jobs may require a higher hourly commitment and may be shorter in duration than a typical 13 week travel nurse assignment. 

ICU travel nurses can expect to see continued job growth amidst an aging population and during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Rachel Norton BSN, RN

I have been a critical care nurse since 2007. I grew up in the northeast but enjoy every corner of the country. My passions are people and travel. Travel nursing allows me to meet amazing people and satisfy my wanderlust. I love inspiring other nurses to travel and expand their practice.

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