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8 Ways We Advocate for Our Nurses at Vivian

Vivian was created out of gratitude for not only nurses, but for all healthcare workers. Our goal has always been to support the healthcare industry and provide the best job search tool and opportunities for those that tirelessly serve our communities. We have taken measures to ensure the nurses and other healthcare professionals that use our site are met with an experience that goes above and beyond to meet the needs of their job search journey.

Vivian Protects Nurses’ Personal Information

First and foremost, it is important to understand that Vivian was built to avoid the spamming of healthcare workers. The leadership team at Vivian saw how frustrated nurses got when they received an overwhelming amount of calls, texts, and emails from recruiters at the travel nursing agencies. It can border on exasperating at times, especially when they are already in a stressful field of work. The Vivian team wanted to invent a better, more streamlined process for nurses to connect with recruiters.

The personal information entered onto the site such as phone numbers, email addresses, and social security numbers cannot be seen by any recruiter until the nurse or other healthcare professional voluntarily applies to a job. This means recruiters cannot gather phone numbers from the site to mass text or email, and they can only contact nurses that have applied to their specific jobs. We do not sell or share any personal information.

Since we take this subject seriously, we’ve gone even further and protected the documents that are uploaded in a profile, such as resumes that contain sensitive personal info. Recruiters have to request these documents from candidates after they have applied for a job. This guarantees the info on these documents and certifications is secure and cannot be shared without the user’s permission. We are also working on a new process for references that includes needing permission to access them. Access our complete Privacy Policy to learn more.

Transparent Pay Posted with Every Job

Vivian is committed to posting the pay rate with every job on our site, whether it’s a permanent, per diem, local agency, or travel job. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a job advertised with ‘great pay’ and clicking the link only to find out this ‘great’ pay isn’t listed anywhere. Nurses should be able to compare salaries without having to fill out multiple applications or go through the interview process, only to find out the compensation is nowhere near their expectations. 

Having the travel pay package or hourly rates posted for jobs allows nurses to compare rates between different agencies and hospital systems in the area where they want to work, which can increase their pay via some tactful negotiating skills where they can quote solid data. Plus, this is accomplished with one single profile- meaning the nurses can see jobs from hundreds of agencies with one application. Historically nurses have had to fill out the applications on each agency’s site just to see what the pay rates are. That is too time consuming and unrealistic for most nurses, and they often get stuck with one agency and never leave, which can reduce overall salary and negotiating power. 

The pay posted with each job is given to us from the hiring agency or facility. We strive for accuracy in our posted pay packages and welcome any feedback if there is a discrepancy. 

The Vivian Salary Tool

We want to advocate for fair pay among nurses and healthcare professionals in all locations, and for all types of jobs. Our amazing team has gathered data from the jobs posted on our site, in both the permanent and travel sectors, as well as data stemming from current regional hiring trends, and they’ve compiled it into a resource for professionals to use when assessing if their current pay is fair. Or, if an offer for a new job falls within the current salary trends in their specific location. It also provides a nice comparison between travel pay and pay for permanent positions, which may help nurses decide which path is right for them when it is time to search for a new job. 

Nursing pay is always going to vary based on the relationship between location and cost of living. What may seem fair in the Midwest may be considered unlivable in a place like the Northeast or West Coast. Our salary calculator allows nurses to have easy access to pay rates anywhere in the nation, and can help them decide which locations are right for them and if the jobs in the area pay enough to accommodate their needs. Vivian’s salary tool helps nurses feel assured that they are getting the pay they deserve. As we develop new connections with healthcare systems, we hope this resource will provide perspective for employers and help the healthcare industry move towards fair and consistent pay within any given region of the US. 

Vivian Advocacy within the Healthcare Industry

There has long been a discrepancy between what nurses are looking for in employment, and what healthcare system administrators are willing to offer. We have hired a team of nurses with years of clinical experience, both in permanent, prn, local agency, and travel roles, to help us interface with facilities and healthcare systems that need help filling their permanent position roles. They are able to speak with confidence about trends in the industry and what employers can do to attract talented employees and help reduce the stress on their current staff. 

Vivian can help prospective employers  incorporate some of the key things nurses look for when searching for a job.  We want to make it easier for healthcare professionals to find jobs that actually meet their needs, and where they will be content working as part of the healthcare team. 

We’ve already partnered with healthcare systems like SSM in the Midwest, and UHealth in Miami to help them find some awesome nurses to join their systems. Our clinical Nurse Concierge team has worked with Vivian to help guide the professionals at these healthcare systems that are responsible for finding and hiring new employees. Our Nurse Concierge also helps expedite the hiring process for facilities by acting as a liaison and providing a link for direct communication between the candidates and facilities, consequently reducing the apply to hire time, and decreasing the stress on both the hiring side and for the healthcare professionals that are applying.

Vivian’s Clinician Advocate Team

As mentioned above, we have a stellar team of nurses working with Vivian to provide the best experience for our users. Not only do they research trends in hiring and hot topics for nurses to help guide our employers, but they also interface with our candidates on a daily basis to find out what we are doing great, and what could be better. This team is well versed in what employers are looking for in potential candidates, in addition to what the candidates are looking for in their next job. The team is scattered all over the country, so we have views from various regions to help Vivian navigate the healthcare industry.

Since we do not use recruiters here, the Vivian Clinician Advocate also serves as a portal for users to connect with someone that works at Vivian. They often help identify issues within the site or the user experience that could be improved upon, or are available to help healthcare workers search for that perfect job. The team uses the site frequently and they are able to provide technical help to our users if needed, as well as direct nurses how to use our filters and optimize their search.  

The Best Job Matching for Nurses

Vivian has developed the best job matching search for healthcare professionals. We use information taken from the healthcare worker’s Universal Profile on the site, to find the jobs that best match the description of what they are looking for. Professionals can specify where they want to work (location), desired pay rates, type of job they are looking for, shift, and when they are available to start work. 

Our team uses that information to send jobs to the nurses that are the best fit for them. This allows site users to sit back and relax, and let the jobs come to them, resulting in more free time for our healthcare professionals to enjoy life and take time for themselves. Healthcare workers can reply to these proposals with a negative or positive response to indicate their interest level. They can also update their preferences at any time tailor their search and change the jobs that are being suggested to them. 

Vivian Puts Nurses in Control

If a nurse would rather sail their own ship, rather than wait for jobs to come to them, we offer a supreme search experience. The filters on our ‘Browse Jobs’ page let healthcare professionals be very specific about what they are looking for. For permanent positions, candidates can filter by shift, benefits, pay, employer, start date, and healthcare setting. Travel nurses can filter their search by shift, start date, employer (agency), benefits, pay, duration (length of contract), setting, and urgent needs. Both job categories have the option to sort the list of jobs by pay, recently posted, or recommended. The ‘recommended jobs are the jobs that Vivian has determined to be the best match based on the professional’s profile. 

We also have a feature that lets users put their ‘search on hold’, meaning if they are currently employed and not actively looking, they can reduce the number of messages/job proposals they receive from Vivian. This is another step we have taken to avoid overwhelming nurses with messages that have no relevance to their current search or employment status. There are four job categories (permanent, travel, per diem, and local contract) listed in the ‘job search’ section of the Universal Profile. Candidates can check or uncheck the boxes to indicate whether or not they are currently interested in employment. All of their information will be safely stored in their Vivian profile until it is time to search for their next job. 

Vivian is a Resource for Nurses

Whether a nurse is a new graduate or a seasoned travel nurse, we have the Vivian Community Hub that holds loads of content that is relevant to the healthcare industry. This blog includes guides about the complicated world of travel nursing, articles about the current state of healthcare, tips about how to nail your interviews, resume advice, personal accounts from nurses at the bedside, resources for new grads entering the work force, and tons more. Many of the articles are written by nurses that are part of our Nurse Concierge and want to help other healthcare professionals find their dream job. The Vivian team wants to be the go-to resource for hiring trends in the healthcare industry, as well as the standard for nurses looking for information about the profession and what we expect to see in the future. 

The team here at Vivian has taken huge steps to keep our nurses’ information secure, while aiming to produce an optimized job search experience for healthcare professionals. Find your next job with Vivian today.

Rachel Norton BSN, RN

Rachel Norton has been a critical care nurse since 2007. She grew up in the northeast but enjoys every corner of the country. Her passions are people and travel, so travel nursing allows Rachel to both meet amazing people and satisfy her wanderlust - and she loves inspiring other nurses to do the same.

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