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Stat Specialty Hospital - Eagle Pass

Stat Emergency Center of Laredo
2114 N Veterans Blvd
Eagle Pass, TX 78852

About this facility

STAT Specialty Hospitals are state-licensed, state-of-the-art facilities that utilize a patient-centered model to provide 24-hour emergency care, short hospital stays and outpatient services. The facilities are designed to uniquely respond to the rise in consumer demand for convenience, reduced cost and improved access to care. STAT Specialty Hospitals have a total of six emergency rooms, one observation room, four hospital admission beds. Two of the emergency rooms are for high acuity patients. Taken together, Stat Specialty Hospital is able to provide state-of-the-art care for the needs of the Laredo, Del Rio and Eagle Pass, TX communities with coordinated care by highly recognized physicians from these communities. STAT Specialty Hospital offers around the clock care that is not typical of urgent care clinics given that care will be rendered by specialized physicians. By offering hospital beds, our facility is able to treat all illnesses and admit patients with medical conditions of mild to moderate severity in a concierge manner without having to leave the community. Our emergency rooms are equipped to respond to any medical condition, including those requiring acute critical care and be prepared with expedited transfer to tertiary hospitals.


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  • Short Term Acute Care

Stat Emergency Center of Laredo