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1017 S Travis Ave
Cleveland, TX 77327

About this facility

The Emergency Hospital Systems (EHS) is built on the foundation of compassion for the individual and dedication to delivering the finest medical services to our communities. Every time we treat a person, we believe in administering total care, not simply dealing with or treating a single issue. While we have “emergency” in our name, we are much more. EHS is a full-service hospital system comprised of four facilities offering patients a complete range of medical specialties to manage most healthcare issues. While we may first see a patient in our emergency room, our goal is to be that person’s long-term primary care facility. In addition to providing high-quality services, we work hard to provide a nurturing environment that offers a broad spectrum of medical services a patient might require. For example, we have a family practice, a full range of specialties, including cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonary, in-patient care, and procedural measures. We support our services with an excellent diagnostic imaging department, clinical lab, nursing staff, and other back-office staff that play an important role in our hospital.
  • Short Term Acute Care
  • Private Hospital
  • 16 beds

Emergency Hospital Systems (FKA Cleveland Emergency Hospital System)

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