Travel Nurse RN - Telemetry

  • Bakersfield, CA
    • 3x12 hrs
    • Nights


Quality Nurses is seeking a travel nurse RN Telemetry for a travel nursing job in Bakersfield, California.

Estimated payment breakdown

$1,260 in weekly taxable income

$2,140 in non-taxable stipend

Job description & requirements

  • Specialty: Telemetry
  • Discipline: RN
  • Start Date: 12/09/2022
  • Duration: 13 weeks
  • 36 hours per week
  • Shift: 12 hours, nights
  • Employment Type: Travel

As travel nurses ourselves, we understand all the reasons to avoid taking an assignment with an agency you've never worked with before. We want to reward you for giving us a chance, so when you sign for your first assignment (of 13 weeks or more) with us from now until August 31st we will include a $1,000 bonus on your first paycheck.

**Medical Solutions Clinical Team will pre-screen all candidates. Managers will do 2nd interview** - Unit: 5W Tele Stroke (Very fast paced. High patient turnover. High acuity/high risk patients) VERY SIMILAR TO A STEPDOWN UNIT!" - Location: (BMH) Hospital - # beds: 30 Beds - Ratios: 4 to 1 - Certs: BLS, ACLS, & NIHSS are required. Must have experience using NIHSS on the floor. Chemo cert would be a plus but not required. They occasionally & unexpectedly will get a patient needing chemo)" - EMR System: Cerner experience preferred. Make sure to ask if they already have Cerner experience & if so, was this recent? They can comp test out of Cerner training. - Add'l Equipment: Pagers linked to call light system & internal spectra link phones - Unit Orientation: 2 - 12 hr shifts on home unit. 5W & 4W get an additional day of orientation in the ICU incase they would float to ICU (See info regarding floating - below) - Nurse Aides: Days 3 nurse aides; Nights 2 nurse aides (Note: this will vary depending on pt census) - Charge Nurse: Yes (if staffed >28 pts will have an extra nurse as a 'resource nurse' takes 2 patients & helps out) - Shifts/Hours: 12 hours; 7a - 7:30p/7p - 7:30a - Breaks: 1/2 hour break (clock-out); 3 - 15 min breaks per shift (CA Law) - Weekends: Every other weekend or equivalent of 4 weekend days in a 4 week schedule (Example: could be 2 in a row, then off 2 in a row) Day Shift Weekend is Sat/Sun; Nights is Fri/Sat" - Scrub Color: Navy blue. If you wear a scrub jacket it also must be navy. If you wear an undershirt underneath your scrub top it must be navy, white, or black. - Tele: Spacelabs Monitoring - 24/7 monitor techs on this unit. Techs pull strips. Nurses interpret their own strips & set alarm rates with monitor tech. Computer program does measurements. - Vents: No - have high-flow, bedside CPAP (maintained by RT) - IV Team: No - ICU & ER can assist w/ hard IV sticks - RT 24/7: Yes - Pharmacy 24/7: Yes - also have clinical pharmacists on the unit throughout the day/evening - Types of patients: Non-STEMI, R/O MI & ACS, neuro intervential radiology patients, carotid stents, carotid endarterectomy post ICU, high-risk stroke/renal patients, S/P cranies from ICU, get all r/o stroke, CVA, TIA. Designated unit for stroke. If can't go to ICU they go to this unit. Annual stroke competency through APEX. IF traveler is on an assignment on the unit during annual competency time they will get to do this. Higher acuity/higher risk patients. Come from ER, ICU, or MedSurg that have a change in acuity requiring high level of care. Occasionally from outreach facilities that need higher level of care. Send & receive pts from cath lab. Titrate heparin. Titrate Amiodarone & Cardizem. Dopamine & Dobutamine set rates. No nitro. Would be helpful if have stepdown experience. They do not have a stepdown unit here. - Medications: Titrate: Heparin, Amiodarone, & Cardizem. Dopamine & Dobutamine set rates. Lasix. No nitro or insulin. Occasionally pt may come from the cath lab with Integrilin drip until the infusion is done. Occasional patient w/ chemo, however chemo cert staff will administer, unless candidate has chemo cert. - Floating: Tele staff will float to med/surg, the other tele unit (4W), & could be floated to ICU . If floated to ICU traveler will be given patients with appropriate level of acuity. They will get orientation to the ICU.


  • Weekly pay
  • Cancelation protection
  • Holiday Pay
  • Guaranteed Hours
Devine Razo
Devine Razo from Quality Nurses
Quality Nurses Job ID #d395519. Pay package is based on 12 hour shifts and 36 hours per week (subject to confirmation) with tax-free stipend amount to be determined.

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Vivian rates working as a Travel Telemetry Nurse in Bakersfield, CA as a 64 out of 100.

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