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Travel Advanced Practice - Nurse Practitioner

Alexandria, Virginia
CT Assist Nursing & Allied Health
5 months ago
ASAP16 wks5x8 hrsDays
Travel contract

This job has been filled.

CT Assist is seeking a Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner for a travel job in Alexandria, Virginia.

Job description & requirements

  • Specialty: Nurse Practitioner
  • Discipline: Advanced Practice
  • Start Date: ASAP
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • 40 hours per week
  • Shift: 8 hours, days
  • Employment Type: Travel
Staci Peper
Staci Peper from CT Assist
Ortho Clinic NP with 5+ years of Clinical Experience CT Assist Nursing & Allied Health Job ID #IN-3106. Pay package is based on 8 hour shifts and 40 hours per week (subject to confirmation) with tax-free stipend amount to be determined.

About Alexandria, VA

A map of Alexandria.

A short Metro ride from Washington DC, Alexandria, Virginia is the perfect escape from the fast-paced capital. First settled in 1695, the city retains its colonial spirit, with cobblestone streets and historic buildings in the Old Town, Gadsby's Tavern, a restaurant serving food since 1770, and centers of learning like the Black History Museum. For a more contemporary side of Alexandria, wander the streets of the stylish Del Ray neighborhood, where local artists operate boutiques and studios.

Vivian rates working in Alexandria, VA as a 78 out of 100.

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