How much does an Operating Room Nurse make in Alabaster, AL?

Average Operating Room Nurse Salary


The average salary for an Operating Room Nurse in Alabaster, AL is $2,301 per week. This is 26% lower than the Alabama average of $2,895.

Estimate based on 5 active jobs in the last 90 days.

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What cities in Alabama pay the most for Operating Room Nurse?

CityAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Mobile, Alabama$3,936$5,051
Troy, Alabama$3,147$3,952
Huntsville, Alabama$3,072$4,968
Montgomery, Alabama$3,037$4,888
Bessemer, Alabama$2,832$2,832
Jasper, Alabama$2,750$2,750
Birmingham, Alabama$2,660$3,995
Scottsboro, Alabama$2,519$2,720
Alabaster, Alabama$2,301$2,750
Alexander City, Alabama$2,221$2,600

What are the highest paying Agencies for Operating Room Nurse jobs in Alabaster?

Average Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
IDR Healthcare$2,940$2,940
KPG Healthcare$2,750$2,750
Mynela Staffing$1,866$1,866
American Mobile Healthcare$1,764$1,764