How much does a Post Anesthesia Care Nurse make in Montrose, CO?

Average Post Anesthesia Care Nurse Salary

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The average salary for a Post Anesthesia Care Nurse in Montrose, CO is $3,543 per week. This is 21% higher than the Colorado average of $2,794.

Estimate based on 75 active jobs in the last 90 days.

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What cities in Colorado pay the most for Post Anesthesia Care Nurse?

CityAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Cortez, Colorado$3,628$3,628
Montrose, Colorado$3,543$5,198
Delta, Colorado$3,526$5,078
Glenwood Springs, Colorado$3,441$4,536
Aspen, Colorado$3,119$4,080
Grand Junction, Colorado$3,106$3,602
Meeker, Colorado$2,940$2,940
Vail, Colorado$2,939$3,276
Lafayette, Colorado$2,815$2,840
Estes Park, Colorado$2,804$3,952

What are the highest paying Agencies for Post Anesthesia Care Nurse jobs in Montrose?

Average Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Gale Healthcare Solutions$4,993$4,993
Oloop Health$4,788$4,788
Access Healthcare$4,583$5,198
Tact Medical Staffing$4,446$4,446
Advantis Medical$4,378$4,378
Travel Nurses, Inc.$4,378$4,378
Focus Staff$3,898$4,378
Marvel Medical Staffing Nursing$3,785$4,480
Next Move Inc$3,762$3,762