How much does a Psychiatric Nurse make in Springfield, MO?

Average Psychiatric Nurse Salary

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The average salary for a Psychiatric Nurse in Springfield, MO is $2,869 per week. This is 13% higher than the Missouri average of $2,483.

Estimate based on 29 active jobs in the last 90 days.

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What cities in Missouri pay the most for Psychiatric Nurse?

CityAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Columbia, Missouri$2,960$3,147
Springfield, Missouri$2,869$3,802
Joplin, Missouri$2,824$3,802
Farmington, Missouri$2,781$3,087
West Plains, Missouri$2,751$3,283
Bolivar, Missouri$2,711$3,207
Jefferson City, Missouri$2,524$3,825
Bridgeton, Missouri$2,502$4,075
Saint Louis, Missouri$2,471$4,224

Top Psychiatric Nurse Jobs

View job details for Travel Nurse RN - PsychiatricHumanEdge Skilled Nursing and Allied Health
Travel Nurse RN - Psychiatric
Springfield, Missouri
HumanEdge Skilled Nursing and Allied Health
5 days ago
Oct 2513 wks5x8 hrs
Travel contract
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What are the highest paying Agencies for Psychiatric Nurse jobs in Springfield?

Average Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Next Move Inc$3,456$3,456
Focus Staff$3,421$3,728
Assured Nursing$3,247$3,802
TotalMed Staffing$3,081$3,544
Aureus Medical Group - Nursing$3,015$3,015
Stability Healthcare$2,997$3,526
Advantis Medical$2,880$2,880
HumanEdge Skilled Nursing and Allied Health$2,534$2,534
Ethos Medical Staffing$2,320$2,320