How much does a Telemetry Nurse make in Iowa?

Average Telemetry Nurse Salary

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The average salary for a Telemetry Nurse in Iowa is $3,376 per week. This is 12% higher than the US average of $2,955.

Estimate based on 552 active jobs in the last 90 days.

How much does a Telemetry RN make?

Telemetry nurses are a type of progressive care nurse who must have a high degree of technical expertise and advanced medical knowledge to effectively work with patients at high risk for complications. Due to their technical skills and specialized knowledge, telemetry RNs are solidly in demand and well paid. They most often work at hospitals in telemetry or step-down units, but they also may be employed by clinical, outpatient, and long-term care facilities. Work setting is just one factor that influences the salary of telemetry RNs.

What is a Telemetry RN?

Telemetry nurses are registered nurses who specialize in using a variety of technical medical equipment to monitor a patient's heart rhythms, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration, and other vital data. They care for patients who’ve left intensive care units but require close monitoring of their vital signs to detect any potential signs of distress. Telemetry nurses also perform traditional nursing duties.

To work in telemetry, you must first complete the educational requirements to become a registered nurse. These include earning a two-year associate degree in nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from a nursing program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). However, many facilities prefer telemetry nurses with a BSN. All graduates must pass the NCLEX-RN exam to become licensed RNs.

How a Telemetry RN salary is based

As with any nursing profession, factors such as years of experience, work setting, and the state and city where the facility is located can have significant impacts on how a telemetry RN is compensated. Entry-level nurses earn lower base salaries than experienced nurses and nurses who work in hospitals tend to earn more than those who work in outpatient settings.

Certain states and cities consistently have higher base salaries for telemetry nurses. California is frequently the highest paying state for telemetry nurses, but other states on the West and East Coasts and in the New England area also pay higher than others. Many southern states and North Central states often have lower base salaries. However, states with lower salaries also usually have lower costs of living.

Telemetry nurses need the same bedside skills as other registered nurses, but you need additional skills, including running stress tests and utilizing an electrocardiogram machine to monitor a patient’s heart. You must also be skilled at interpreting this data and know when to start standard interventions to stabilize the patient. If you already possess these essential skills, it could influence your base salary.

Relevant certifications can also play a role. Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification provides you with the training to effectively respond if a patient goes into cardiac arrest. Many healthcare facilities require this certification and may require telemetry certification. Required certifications may not have any bearing on your base salary, but if a certification isn’t required, get it to boost your knowledge and your base telemetry RN salary.

How to increase your Telemetry RN salary

Furthering your education is generally a guaranteed way to increase your telemetry nursing salary. Gaining a Master of Science in Nursing also opens the door to an advanced practice role, such as a telemetry nurse practitioner. APRN positions also give your salary a boost.

Telemetry RNs should always consider pursuing one or more professional certifications to enhance their professional credibility and demonstrate their higher level of clinical competence, which should earn an increased salary. The National Telemetry Association offers certification after passing the Telemetry Certification in Cardiac Arrhythmia Interpretation exam. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) also offers two options applicable to telemetry. You're eligible to take the Progressive Care Certified Nurse exam after either working directly with acutely ill patients for 1,750 hours over a two-year span or 2,000 hours over a five-year span. The CCRN-E is a specialty certification for nurses who primarily care for acutely/critically ill patients in a centralized or remotely based teleICU setting. You can sit for this exam after completing 1,750 hours in a teleICU or a combination of teleICU and direct patient care of acutely/critically ill adult patients in a two-year span or completing 2,000 hours in a five-year span. Both certifications are available to telemetry RNs or APRNs.

What cities in Iowa pay the most for Telemetry Nurse?

CityAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Cedar Falls, Iowa$5,040$5,040
Dubuque, Iowa$4,313$5,503
Waterloo, Iowa$4,245$5,211
Sioux City, Iowa$3,777$5,952
Ames, Iowa$3,665$5,331
Iowa City, Iowa$3,608$4,590
Iowa Falls, Iowa$3,543$3,543
Des Moines, Iowa$3,443$6,269
Ida Grove, Iowa$3,298$3,298
Mason City, Iowa$3,269$3,686

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How does the pay for Telemetry Nurses in Iowa compare to nearby states?

Average Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
South Dakota$3,346$6,048

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What are the highest paying Agencies for Telemetry Nurse jobs in Iowa?

Average Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Rock Medical Group$5,473$5,473
Custom Healthcare Solutions$5,460$5,460
Gale Healthcare Solutions$4,918$5,551
Tact Medical Staffing$4,412$5,398
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