Travel Labor and Delivery Nurse salaries in Milford, MA

Average Travel Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary


The average salary for a Travel Labor and Delivery Nurse in Milford, MA is $3,484 per week. This is 10% higher than the Massachusetts average of $3,143.

Estimate based on 2 active jobs in the last 90 days.

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What cities in Massachusetts pay the most for Travel Labor and Delivery Nurses?

CityAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Lawrence, Massachusetts$3,532$4,060
Milford, Massachusetts$3,484$3,742
South Yarmouth, Massachusetts$3,435$3,435
Leominster, Massachusetts$3,433$4,790
Pittsfield, Massachusetts$3,331$4,238
Boston, Massachusetts$3,270$3,828
New Bedford, Massachusetts$3,267$4,160
Cambridge, Massachusetts$3,210$3,210

What are the highest paying Agencies for Travel Labor and Delivery Nurse jobs in Milford?

Average Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
OneStaff Medical$3,050$3,050
Supplemental Health Care$3,032$3,032