Giving Thanks to Healthcare Workers

Giving Thanks to Healthcare Professionals

Thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity for us to express our thanks to all the hardworking healthcare professionals for everything they do, every day of the year, to continually provide compassionate patient care.

The Vivian team is thankful for all you do! Here are a few quotes from our staff, who want to express their gratitude this holiday season.

Thankful and blessed

“To all the frontline healthcare workers who risked their own well-being and family safety to take care of patients feeling isolated and scared throughout the seemingly endless days of the COVID-19 pandemic. We haven’t forgotten the heroes who bravely faced the challenge head-on.”

“I appreciate all the nurses, caregivers and hospital employees who sacrifice family time to work holidays – and gratefully eat potluck leftovers on break!”

“I’m thankful for all healthcare professionals because of their selflessness. They sacrificially give all they can for the physical well-being of their patients, while also caring for the emotional well-being of the patients’ families.”

“A huge thank you to all the travel nurses and allied health professionals who work assignments to fill staffing shortages. These facilities couldn’t do it without you!”

“Words cannot express how thankful I am for the time and energy healthcare professionals give in caring for others, especially during the holiday season. Thank you!”

“To all the support staff that makes a hospital run smoothly – you all are amazing! Thanks for being the unsung heroes of healthcare.”

“Thanks to the nurses who make working on the Thanksgiving holiday fun for their co-workers with potlucks, football on in the break room, taking funny photos together and lots of pie. When you are a nurse and part of a great team, the hospital and your co-workers become like your second home and family, and celebrating Thanksgiving while working with a great team of nurses always comes with a lot of laughs and lots of great food.”

Grateful Thanksgiving

“Thank you to the nurses who are parents and work 12-hour shifts away from your kids. Your fantastic kiddos and spouses deserve a big thank you, too!”

“It’s always comforting to see something personal when you are a patient, whether it’s a picture of a nurse’s kids in with her ID badge or an ultrasound tech wearing cartoon character scrubs. Thanks for making a sometimes scary situation feel more normal.”

“Your generosity touches my heart. My wish for all healthcare professionals is that they receive back the goodness that they give to others.”

“For all the years of schooling, continuing education, research and reading you do to stay up-to-date on the latest in your profession, thank you for being vigilant for the well-being of your patients.”

“You went the extra mile during COVID, endured extra PPE and extra hours. Your efforts are truly appreciated and each one of you makes a difference every day!”

“Thank you to all the healthcare professionals who inspire and treat others with compassion every day. To the nurses, doctors, and first responders who have proven they are true heroes, I greatly appreciate your service!”

Happy Thanksgiving from the Vivian team.

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