Frequently Asked Questions about Vivian Health

Questions about Vivian Health

What is Vivian Health?

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Vivian Health is a digital job marketplace for healthcare professionals that lets them browse 1,000s of jobs with transparent salary information posted. We’re committed to serving those who serve others. Vivian Health travel nursing and allied health job posts come from our access to 100s of travel nursing and allied health agencies and healthcare systems. Besides travel jobs, we also post staff, per diem and local contract jobs at prestigious facilities across the nation. We strive to understand exactly what healthcare professionals need as they navigate the often complicated and time-consuming healthcare job search process and make the entire experience faster and easier than ever.

Who owns Vivian Health?

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IAC/InterActiveCorp owns Vivian Health, formerly NurseFly.

When was Vivian Health founded?

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Vivian Health was founded in 2017.

Is NurseFly now Vivian?

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Yes, NurseFly rebranded to Vivian in May of 2021 as our vision went beyond travel nursing. Our new name encompasses our desire to make all types of nursing and allied health jobs easier and quicker to find, including staff positions, per diem roles, local contracts and travel jobs. We also want to make it quicker and easier for the people who hire nurses and allied health professionals.

What is the Vivian app?

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The Vivian app lets users create a specialized universal healthcare profile that they can use, just like a healthcare CV or resume, to apply for healthcare jobs quickly and easily. The app lets you apply for travel nurse and allied health jobs, plus staff, per diem and local contract positions. With the Vivian app, you can keep all your applications and messages in one place, get notified instantly when a job posts that matches your needs and connect with employers immediately through our real-time chat. The app also includes a pay analysis tool, employer reviews and a resume builder. Users can download the Vivian Health app from the App Store or Google Play.

Is Vivian Health an agency?

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Vivian isn’t a staffing agency but instead a marketplace for healthcare professionals that lets them browse 1,000s of jobs from 100s of employers all in one place and with one universal profile. As the largest marketplace for all nursing and healthcare jobs, we have access to an unprecedented amount of unbiased, objective information, including detailed job postings, concrete and transparent salary ranges, authentic employer reviews and more. We’re not afraid to share it all with you. These are just a few of the things Vivian can do for you.

Is Vivian a good travel nurse agency?

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Vivian is a great place for travel nurses to find jobs, but we’re technically not a travel nurse agency. We work with 100s of top hospital systems and staffing agencies to help travel nurses and other medical professionals easily find travel assignments across the country using a comprehensive jobs marketplace. Vivian Health is the leading healthcare jobs marketplace built to serve healthcare professionals first. We're fixing the way healthcare hiring works in America.

What does the name Vivian mean?

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The name “Vivian” is derived from the Latin word “vivum,” meaning “growing, alive” as in the word, vivid. And “-ian” means “having a certain profession” in English. We put the two together to come up with Vivian, meaning “life worker,” reflecting what those in healthcare do on a daily basis.

Does Vivian only have nursing jobs?

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No, Vivian has all types of healthcare jobs, for all types of nurses, therapists and allied health professionals. We have 1,000s of jobs from top employers and agencies, all with transparent pay data and unbiased employer reviews.

What kind of jobs does Vivian post?

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Vivian posts all types of jobs for nurses, therapists and allied health professionals looking for travel, staff, per diem or local contract positions at top facilities in cities around the nation. We have 1,000s of jobs posted with transparent salary information. Vivian's mission is to empower every healthcare professional to find their perfect job opportunity faster and easier than ever before.


How can I manage my Vivian profile?

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Start by creating your Vivian profile to get access to 1,000s of jobs through your universal profile. Any items marked with an asterisk are required, and the platform won’t let you move forward until you complete each section. Complete the following sections:

  • About Me to showcase yourself and your personality to recruiters

  • Specialties, add up to two of your specialty areas

  • Job preferences to specify your dream job and get matched to the best jobs based on your priorities

    • Can include ideal locations, shift preferences, pay targets, anticipated start date and more

    • Indicate types of jobs by checking or unchecking boxes next to staff roles, travel, per diem or local contract

    • Put your profile on hold without losing any data by unchecking all the boxes

  • Work experience reflecting at least the last two years of work history

  • Licensure information for healthcare professions that require licenses

    • Check the “Not Required” option if your discipline doesn’t require a license

  • Certifications sections to organize all your specialty-specific certifications

  • Education section to enter any formal degrees

  • Documents briefcase to upload all your pertinent documents like resumes, fit tests, immunization records and other forms necessary to gain employment

  • Skills checklist to indicate your comfort level with specific skills related to your specialty or role

  • References section ideally should contain two references

Navigating our platform and applying for jobs is simple and can be even easier by downloading the app. You can:

  • Identify and add your favorite locations so Vivian can proactively show you top-paying jobs in those areas

  • Identify your preferences, including start date, shifts, minimum pay, locations, etc.

  • Avoid juggling multiple calls, texts and emails from recruiters in the self-contained environment

  • Apply for more than one job at once

How do I delete my Vivian account?

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Although we’re sorry to see you go, we respect your right to control your personal data. To start the account deletion process, please email your request to [email protected], and we will submit your account for deletion. The deletion process can take up to 30 days to complete.

If you have the mobile app, you can also delete your profile directly from it. Follow these steps:

  • Go to [Menu]

  • Go to [Profile]

  • On the [About Me] section, Click the Edit Button

    • The pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner next to your name

  • Scroll to the bottom, click “Delete Account”

You’ll receive this message:

“Are you sure you’d like to delete your Vivian account? You can always pause your job search if you’re getting too many messages or want to avoid getting job proposals from employers until you’re ready.”

If you’re sure you want to delete your account, scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click “Permanently Delete Account”

On the next screen, you must confirm that you want to delete your account:

  • Type “DELETE” in the box provided to activate the final button at the bottom of the screen

  • Click the “Permanently Delete Account” button to finalize your request

The deletion process can take up to 24 hours. This request deletes your Vivian account and all associated information within this account.

If you completely delete your account, it can’t be recovered. If you ever want to use the site again, you must complete a whole new profile and application.

Alternately, you can hide your profile by unchecking the boxes next to the four job categories in your profile's “Job Preferences” section. You should stop receiving notifications and job proposals from agencies that work with Vivian. The only people who can see your contact information and profile on the site are the recruiters for the jobs you’ve applied for; otherwise, it’s hidden.

Should you decide you still want to delete your account, we’d love to hear any suggestions for improvement or general feedback you have for us!

How do I leave an employer review on Vivian?

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To leave an employer review on Vivian, go to the “Resources” page on the website or the “Resources & Blog” tab on the mobile app, then click “Employer Reviews.” Choose “Staffing Agencies” if you want to leave a review for a travel job agency that posts travel contracts on our website or “Health Facilities” if you want to leave a review for a specific healthcare system. Scroll through the listings or use the search bar at the top of the page to quickly find a particular employer or healthcare facility or system.

Once you find the agency or employer you’re looking for, click the “Learn More” button or anywhere within their description box to go to their page. Click the “Leave a review” button to write and submit your review. You may leave an anonymous review if you’d like.

Does Vivian sell or share my personal information?

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Per Vivian Health’s privacy policy, we do not sell, rent or loan your personal information to anybody except for certain third-party Data Collection Tools our advertising partners may use to target ads based on your activities on We do share information under certain circumstances with specific third parties or as specifically instructed by you, including recruiters or potential employers, Vivian’s service providers and advertising partners, event participants and sponsors, and social media services. We also share information for security and compliance purposes and during changes in business control. For full details regarding how or why we might share your information, please read our privacy policy in its entirety.