How much does a MRI Technologist make in Bakersfield, CA?

Average MRI Technologist Salary


The average salary for a MRI Technologist in Bakersfield, CA is $2,069 per week. This is 9% lower than the California average of $2,259.

Estimate based on 10 active jobs in the last 90 days.

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What cities in California pay the most for MRI Technologist?

CityAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Long Beach, California$3,150$3,150
Carmichael, California$3,083$3,355
Antioch, California$2,900$2,900
Walnut Creek, California$2,900$2,900
Palm Springs, California$2,779$2,994
San Leandro, California$2,635$2,696
Redwood City, California$2,584$2,845
Santa Rosa, California$2,522$2,522
Los Angeles, California$2,432$2,432
San Jose, California$2,425$3,115

Top MRI Technologist Jobs

View job details for Travel MRI TechnologistKPG Allied
Travel MRI Technologist
Bakersfield, California
KPG Allied
a month ago
ASAP13 wks3x12 hrs
Travel contract
I'm interested

What are the highest paying Agencies for MRI Technologist jobs in Bakersfield?

Average Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Focus Staff$2,852$2,852
Cross Country Allied$2,190$2,195
Med Travelers$1,962$1,962
Club Staffing$1,962$1,962
KPG Allied$1,955$1,955
trustaff allied$1,800$1,800
OneStaff Medical$1,788$1,788