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    Speech-language pathologists (SLP) support communication, an ability that is central to human relationships. That includes one’s relationship with self! The SLP serves the needs of young children and adults with communication and/or needs associated with nutrition, especially those concerned with swallowing. 

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 29% increase in speech-language pathologists from 2020 to 2030, a higher-than-average rate of employment increase, representing the need for another 45,000 in this position by 2030. The median salary in 2020 was about $80,000 for someone with a Master’s degree.

    The pathway to earning a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP) includes:

    • Earning a baccalaureate degree with a major that includes speech, language, and communication coursework

    • Completing a Master’s degree in speech-language pathology

    • Fulfilling a clinical fellowship with a CCC-SLP mentor

    • Passing a Praxis exam in SLP

    • Obtaining licensure in one’s state of practice

    • Becoming certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

    The focus here is to give you the information you need to have a successful and fulfilling Clinical Fellowship Year (CFL). There are a number of details to consider as you prepare for this next step toward your career as a CCC-SLP.

    Course Format

    Preparing for The Clinical Fellowship Year

    You’ll want to prepare well ahead of time for your Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY), ideally beginning early on during your graduate education. You’ll want to begin by:

    • Learning about the CFY clinical hours required by ASHA, the certifying body for attaining the CCC-SLP

    • Reviewing the learning activities that ASHA requires to ensure that you can fulfill these during your CFY

    • Being mentored by a CCC-SLP who is approved by the ASHA

    Clinical Fellowship Year Overview

    As noted above, there are four areas to focus on as you prepare for the CFY.

    Planning Your Clinical Hours

    Your graduate program director will document that all of your academic work and clinical practicum has been completed prior to your beginning your CFY.

    The ASHA requires that during the CFY, you:

    • Complete a total of 1260 hours of clinical experience

    • These are to be completed over a minimum of 36 full-time weeks, with that being 35 hours per week

    • Clinical hours can be completed in more than 36 weeks, though a minimum of 5 hours part-time is required

    • Your CF experience must be completed within 48 months of its start

    • You can expect to be paid for your clinical experience    

    Learning Activities

    One of your responsibilities is to ensure that the fellowship is offering you the specific activities you need to demonstrate and document your proficiency as an SLP. The following is a summary of the details available on the ASHA site. 

    • Eighty percent of your time must be spent in direct clinical contact, addressing:

      • Screening, assessment, and treatment

      • Completing documentation and attending client-focused meetings

      • Direct work with families

    • Twenty percent of your time is to be spent in in-service training or conducting training and giving presentations

    Choosing a Mentor

    You want to select a mentor or mentors who have impressive experience and are someone whom you respect. Consider this person to be your professional guide, who is as much invested in your potential as you are. The ASHA specifies that mentors for the CFY experience must:

    • Hold a CCC-SLP

    • Have worked at least nine month full-time, or the part-time equivalent, as a CCC-SLP

    • Have had at least two hours of supervision professional development training after earning their CCC-SLP

    Then, it is your CF responsibility to assure that your mentor’s certification is in place prior to the start of your CFY and at least once midway during your experience. 

    Licensure & Verifications

    ASHA provides a list of guidance that helps you to ensure all of the necessary i’s and t’s are dotted and crossed related to your CFY. Being familiar with these ahead of time lets you know how to plan for the coming weeks and months. 


    The 2020 Standards for the CCC-SLP will support your next steps. You can prepare for what’s next with them while identifying areas where you want more information. This page includes an overview of fees and how to contact ASHA for more information.

    As you prepare for your future, please remember that your professional goals mean so much to others and their relationships.

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