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    • Cost $3429
    • Renews every two years


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    Verbal intervention Training (VI) equips staff with de-escalation skills, non-restrictive intervention techniques and the ability to control escalating behavior. This program is suitable for those in facilities or roles with hands-off policies and staff who normally don’t deal with situations that need physical intervention. The Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) provides the training and the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) accredits the Crisis Prevention Institute.


    Organizations select participants within their ranks to participate in training. Participants are generally leaders within these organizations.

    Completion Time: 6 to 10 hours


    • Instructor Certification Program: $3,249

    Course Format

    Certification Format

    There are two formats, depending upon whether the participant is completing the instructor portion of the program.

    Non-Instructor Seminar

    • Receive an invitation to complete the online course part of the training approximately 10 days before the virtual training

    • Complete 1 to 2 hours of online training

    • Complete 4 hours of virtual live training

    • Receive a Certificate of Completion

    Verbal Intervention Instructor Seminar Training

    • Receive an invitation to complete the online course part of the training approximately 10 days before the virtual training

    • Complete 1 to 2 hours of online training

    • Complete 7 hours of virtual live training

    • Receive an email that contains a link to a test

    • Pass the one-hour online test

    VI content areas include:

    • Prevention & verbal de-escalation skills

    Course Dates

    Applicants may take Verbal Intervention Training year-round. Contact CPI for dates.


    Certification Steps

    Create a CPI account or log into an existing account. Follow the instructions provided.


    VI certification is valid for two years. Applicants must meet the following requirements for renewal:

    • Complete an online Verbal Intervention course

    • Attend training led by a Global Professional Instructor (can be virtual)

    • Complete an Online Certification Exam

    Renewal Course Training Costs:

    • One Day Renewal Training: $1,549

    Other Resources

    CPI doesn’t require any specific preparation books or courses.

    Related Certifications

    Related CPI certifications include:

    • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI-CPI)

    • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention With Advanced Physical Skills (NCI-Advanced-CPI)

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    Frequently asked questions

    How can I use my VI certification?

    You may use your VI certification to train staff, obtain CPI materials and validate your student’s training through CPI.

    Why should my organization pay for staff to attend the VI training?

    VI certification demonstrates your commitment to safety, high-quality patient care, and professional excellence. Organizations also report improved safety of staff and clients, fewer workman’s compensation claims due to injury and less staff burnout.

    How does the program work?

    CPI provides VI training to leaders within your organization and those leaders train your staff.

    Is support available from CPI after I complete my VI training?

    Yes, you may obtain phone and online support following your VI training. You may also participate in discussions with other instructors.

    Is the VI certification evidence-based?

    Yes, VI certification is used worldwide and backed by a robust list of proven benefits.

    What other certifications does the CPI offer besides the Verbal Intervention (VI)?

    The Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) also offers the following certifications:

    • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI-CPI)

    • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention with Advanced Physical Skills Training (NCI-Advanced-CPI)

    Can I earn a Verbal Intervention (VI-CPI) online?

    No you can't earn a Verbal Interventional (VI-CPI) online.