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How a Healthcare Jobs Marketplace Helps You Find Your Next Job

The typical process of looking for a new job as a healthcare professional can be draining. You spend so much time filling out multiple applications on different websites, sifting through job descriptions to find the information you need, and then are often left having to guess the pay range.

You may spend hours completing lengthy applications, uploading documents and taking personality or skills tests before you’re even able to speak to someone about the position and ask questions. You might not hear back on your applications for days, weeks or even months.

When you finally get to the step in the application process where you speak to a recruiter, you can ask specific questions you have about the job. However, questions about pay range, workplace culture, hours and patient population may be met with vague answers, leaving you unsure whether you really want the job.

As you move through the hiring process, sometimes after multiple interviews, you may finally receive a job offer only to learn it pays significantly less than what you were expecting. You may have wasted more than a month of your time just to start the process all over again.

If this sounds like something you’ve experienced when searching for healthcare jobs, avoid the frustration by using a healthcare jobs marketplace instead. Read on to learn how a talent marketplace can streamline the job search process and enable you to take control of your career as a healthcare professional.

What is an Employment Marketplace?

An employment marketplace, or talent marketplace, is a centralized online location for employees to shop for jobs. It’s a space that hosts numerous available opportunities, all in one place, so the job seeker doesn’t need to visit multiple websites to browse and apply for jobs.

A talent marketplace makes it easier for employers and employees to connect and gives the job seeker more control over their job search experience. A job marketplace contains multiple job postings from numerous companies, saving you valuable time and minimizing your efforts.

What are the Benefits of Using a Healthcare Jobs Marketplace?

View jobs from multiple employers and facilities in one place

Instead of submitting multiple job applications directly on employer’s websites, you can browse and apply to various jobs at once using an online talent marketplace. Cut down your job search and application time drastically by browsing a centralized jobs page where you’ll find 1,000s of travel, permanent and per diem healthcare jobs in your desired locations and specialties.

Apply detailed search filters to save you time

While job searching, you may not want to see every available job in your location and specialty. Ideally, you only want to be shown jobs with the salary, hours and specialties that interest you.

Use a job search tool that features precise filters you can apply during your job search, narrowing your options and saving you even more time. Filter your job search by pay, location, shift, benefits, work settings and more.

Broaden your career options by browsing many specialties at once

When you’re ready for a job change but aren’t sure what you want to do next, a healthcare jobs marketplace shows you lots of job options among various specialties without the pressure of filling out a formal application. Browse jobs in different healthcare specialties all on one website, to inspire new career ideas and save you time.

Benefits Unique to Vivian’s Hiring Marketplace

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Vivian’s healthcare hiring marketplace boasts even more perks for the job seeker. Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals to get hired faster and easier than ever. We post 1,000s of jobs for nurses and allied health professionals, such as phlebotomists, technicians, therapists and medical assistants.

Some additional benefits to using Vivian as your healthcare jobs marketplace include:

No subscription or service fees

Some talent marketplaces require one-time, monthly or yearly subscription fees for job seekers to use part or all of the features on their platforms. Vivian remains focused on the empowerment of healthcare professionals. Thus, all our features are completely free for job seekers to use.

Pay transparency

All jobs on our marketplace feature accurate and readily available pay rates. No more spending hours applying and interviewing for jobs only to discover that the pay rate is nothing close to what you expected.

The job postings from Vivian’s direct partners always feature a pay range within the job posting. We also pull other available jobs from the web and post them on our platform to help job seekers see and compare additional opportunities. While these postings won’t include pay rates, use Vivian’s comprehensive salary calculator to view trending pay rates in your area and specialty. Having this information will help guide your salary conversations with potential employers.

24/7 customer support

Vivian’s quality assurance team is there for you when you need them. If you ever have a question, concern or need help with your job search, go to the “Resources” dropdown menu at the top of our website and select “Contact Vivian” to open a chat window. Our average response time is less than five minutes.

Customizable job proposals bring the right jobs to you

With a single click, you can tailor your job preferences on Vivian’s platform and get notified when new jobs matching your preselected choices become available. Spend less time actively searching by receiving customized job proposals of appropriate travel, permanent and PRN roles instead. You can turn off job proposals at any time simply by unchecking the boxes.

Employer and staffing agency reviews

Vivian provides job seekers with as many tools as possible to help ensure the best job search experience, including actual reviews from other users. Select Employer Reviews from the Resources menu to read authentic reviews of staffing agencies and health facilities. Seeing what others say about a location may help you decide where you want to work next.

Showcase your skills and stand out from the crowd

By creating a profile on Vivian’s healthcare jobs marketplace, you can stand out to future employers by highlighting your credentials, certifications and resume. Best of all, with a Vivian Universal Profile, you only need to upload your information once, even when applying for multiple jobs with different employers. You also have the option to take a skills proficiency test to further showcase your qualifications to potential employers.

Set Up a Profile on the Vivian Healthcare Jobs Marketplace

Setting up your Vivian Universal Profile is quick and easy. Enter some basic personal information, describe your work experience and list what’s important to you in your next job. Upload all documents potential employers might want to see, such as your resume, cover letter, licenses and certifications.

Once completed, set your notification preferences based on location, preferred shifts, pay range and more. Your universal profile matches you to openings that fit your preferences. All potential employers on Vivian can access the information they need without additional work from you.

Communication with potential employers takes place through the Vivian platform via chat messaging, so there’s no need to worry about constantly monitoring your emails and text messages or missing their phone calls.

Vivian Advocates for You

An additional feature on Vivian’s healthcare jobs marketplace is a team of actual nurses advocating for you in your job search process and helping with your career advancement however they can. Our Clinician Advocates focus on helping you find your next best job fit and can highlight your experience in a way that your resume alone can’t, giving you an advantage over other applicants.

Vivian’s nurses want to get to know you as a professional, hear what you’re looking for in a new position and help you find the absolute best job. Our clinician advocates also offer career tips, coaching, resume tips and other assistance at no cost to you.

The Vivian team is available 24/7 to provide support as you navigate the job application process. We realize that the job search and application process often comes with lots of questions and many steps. Our advocates act as a resource for you to quickly and easily get your questions answered via chat without the pressure of having a lengthy formal conversation with the facility’s hiring team.

We make your interview and hiring process seamless by providing real-time updates and working closely with hiring managers to make the process move quickly. Many job seekers who use Vivian to find their next job receive an offer in less than two weeks.

Take Control of Your Career

Using a healthcare jobs marketplace to find future job opportunities empowers you as a clinician by giving you more control over the job search. Vivian’s healthcare jobs marketplace helps you take control of your career by making the job search and application process quicker and easier than ever before.

Amy McCutcheon

Amy McCutcheon, RN BSN has worked on a surgical PCU/Telemetry unit for over 10 years, including a year and a half of COVID PCU/Telemetry nursing. She specifically enjoys visiting her unit's Monitor Room and learning how to read and interpret cardiac rhythm strips. Outside of work, Amy enjoys spending time with her two kids, writing, budgeting, fitness, and crafting.

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