Nourish webinar on meal prep and nutrition

Live Wellness Event Recap: How to Nourish Yourself

Vivian held its inaugural annual Healthcare Professional Wellness Week from January 713, 2024, to support nurses and allied health professionals nationwide. The week featured free live events on topics like meditation, mental health and mentorship to support busy clinicians like you and help you carve out time for self-care!

For one of our Wellness Week modules, Vivian teamed up with Nourish, a provider of 1:1 telehealth counseling with licensed dieticians, to provide healthcare professionals (HCPs) with useful tools to meet their nutrition goals. For those who missed the live event or those who attended but would like to watch the sessions again, you can view the module in the video below:

Sneak Peak of What the Video Covers

Healthcare Professional Wellness Week attendees met Dominique Adair, a registered dietician and Head of Clinical Quality at Nourish. She gave a brief overview of Nourish and its services, highlighting that most users’ insurance covers it.

Adair outlined tips and tools that can help busy HCPs eat well and feel well as a result. Her philosophy recognizes that clinicians often find it challenging to carve out the time and focus necessary to care for themselves when they spend their days caring for others. 

In the video, she covers a number of broad themes regarding nutrition, such as:

  • How to eat and meal prep as a healthcare professional
  • Identifying your key barriers to adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • What you can work on for healthy eating as an individual
  • What you can do to encourage healthy eating as part of a community
  • Finding the right mindset to further you toward your healthy eating goals

Adair also spends time getting into the nitty-gritty of healthy eating. During the webinar, she touches on:

  • Products to help with meal storage and transportation to your job 
  • The pros and cons of caffeine consumption
  • The pros and cons of shakes, smoothies and health bars
  • How leptin regulates our hunger and fullness
  • The “best vegetable” to eat
  • Apps to track your progress and get nutrition support
  • The correct balance of food types to maintain energy and feel good during the day
  • The right combination of snack foods to maximize nutrition and energy levels between meals
  • Special tips for travel HCPs

About Nourish

Nourish is a fast-growing provider of telehealth-based dietary counseling to help patients meet their health and nutrition goals. The platform has over 250 registered dieticians with providers licensed in all 50 states. The company’s professional counselors can help with grocery shopping and separating nutrition-related facts and fiction. They can also offer you ideas for weekly meal planning. 

Nourish helps patients address around 40 different health conditions, including weight management, diabetes, gut health, eating disorders and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Many major insurers also cover The platform’s services, with 94% of patients paying $0. The wait for an appointment is less than five days, but next-day appointments are available in many markets. Schedule your appointment today.

See what else you missed during Vivian’s Healthcare Professional Wellness Week and plan to join us next year!

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