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Employer Spotlight: INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, Oklahoma City

As a healthcare professional, finding a suitable workplace involves an ideal balance of positive work culture, opportunities for career advancement and a feeling that the organization is helping to better the community. INTEGRIS Health is the most extensive, Oklahoma-owned not-for-profit healthcare system with 100s of facilities across the state, many of which are award-winning. INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center is one of the system’s oldest facilities and is the flagship medical center in Oklahoma City.

Learn more about this prestigious hospital and whether you’d enjoy working there in this guide. Discover what the facilities provide patients and the benefits as an employee, plus what Oklahoma City has to offer you as a staff or travel registered nurse (RN).

About INTEGRIS Health Facilities

History of INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

When INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center opened on Easter Sunday of 1959, most of the city’s residents considered the location to be out of the way. As the city grew, the hospital became the heart of the community, offering assistance to Oklahoma City’s adults and children.

Former staff members talk about how the hospital’s community spirit and sense of pride have remained consistent from its early days. They also discuss advances in specialist care and how they paved the way for many firsts in the state, such as the first human heart transplant and the first adult burn care center.

INTEGRIS Health’s Mission

Integris Baptist Medical Center

The official INTEGRIS mission statement is “Partnering with people to live healthier lives.”

Its mission is reflected in how the company approaches the care it offers the residents of Oklahoma. The company believes that “medicine isn’t always about caring for the sick” but about how people live healthy lives and take preventative measures toward their physical and mental health.

For that reason, INTEGRIS provides free clinical services, education programs and screenings and works with everyone from older adults to juveniles. It also offers corporate wellness programs so local businesses can help keep their staff healthy and happy through preventative health programs, nutrition consults, on-site vaccinations and mental well-being programs. Regular screenings for breast cancer and heart conditions are available, and there are plenty of resources on the company’s website for people looking to live healthier lives.

Facts About INTEGRIS Health

INTEGRIS Health is the largest healthcare system in Oklahoma and currently employs over 9,000 staff members across its hospitals, clinics and care facilities. Staff includes nurses, physicians, lab technicians, researchers, surgeons and administrative personnel in every specialty, working as a team to provide award-winning services to Oklahomans.

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, like all INTEGRIS facilities, is privately owned and not-for-profit, meaning all funds go directly into providing and improving patient care. Although many facilities INTEGRIS owns were founded decades ago, INTEGRIS Health was formed in 1995 to manage and support the administration of Baptist Medical Center.

Locations Across Oklahoma

Integris Baptist Medical Center OKC

INTEGRIS has over 270 locations across Oklahoma, including 13 hospitals, addiction recovery centers, mental health services, emergency rooms, children’s units, burn centers, cardiology centers and many others. Within Oklahoma City, over 50 medical facilities provide care to the people living in the city and the surrounding area. 

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center at 3300 NW Expressway is Oklahoma City’s flagship hospital. It comprises several buildings on campus and parking lots for staff, patients and visitors. The hospital began with 200 beds when it opened in 1959. This number has since expanded to over 500 beds across the campus, including 168 beds within the Heart Hospital.

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center Specialties

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center provides a comprehensive range of services for those needing therapeutic, surgical, diagnostic, rehabilitative or emergency care. The hospital offers a broad array of specialty services, including:

  • Nuclear medicine and radiation therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Cardiac, speech therapy, occupational and physical rehabilitation services
  • Advanced wound care
  • Hyperbaric medicine
  • Radiology services
  • Pulmonary laboratory
  • EKC/ECG services

The medical center also provides everything you’d expect from a full-service hospital, such as a labor and delivery ward, pediatrics, intensive care and surgical services.

Baptist Medical boasts the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital, the largest specialist heart facility in Oklahoma City. Its location allows heart patients to quickly access additional services from the main hospital without traveling across the city or state. Within the heart hospital, cardiovascular physicians help patients with cardiac or vascular issues with services including:

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Heart surgery
  • Electrophysiology, pacemakers and ablation

Patient care doesn’t stop once someone leaves the hospital. Baptist Medical Center also provides a home health service for adults aged 18 and older to extend care for the community. Patients can stay in the comfort of their homes and receive help from nurses who specialize in oncology, neurology, cardiology, pulmonology and other care areas. For those patients needing assistance with daily living, home health aides are available to take care of these needs.

Working with INTEGRIS

Benefits of Working at INTEGRIS

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center employees have a variety of monetary and other benefits, including general dental, vision and medical benefits. Coverage includes fertility treatment, chronic illness costs and reduced costs for orthodontics. In addition, employees who are caregivers may also receive paid annual leave for up to 35 days.

To help the facility locate applicants for difficult-to-fill positions, it offers employees a referral bonus if they recommend someone who subsequently gets hired. You can earn up to $2,500 per referral, among other perks.

Nursing is a tough, all-encompassing job. INTEGRIS provides counseling for employees and their family members to help them deal with work-life issues. Continuing the focus on family, the hospital also offers childcare services for children from six weeks of age until they begin kindergarten. For school-age kids, it offers after-school activities and a summer program.

For nurses still studying or newly qualified, the system offers financial assistance and a summer program for students. It also provides a bonus for certified specialist RNs, career advancement programs and helps with student loans.

INTEGRIS cares about the future of its staff, too. The employer matches employee retirement fund contributions by 50% up to the first 5%, with an additional annual contribution of 3-6%.

Awards and Accolades

The hospital believes that a happy workforce has a ripple effect on the services it provides to patients. Some of the facility’s accolades include:

  • Accredited chest pain center by the American Center for Cardiology
  • Repeatedly honored with the Consumer Choice Award
  • Recognition as a Top 100 Heart Hospital from HCIA Inc.
  • Excellence in the Workplace Environment Award by the Oklahoma Nurses Association
  • Received the Silver Beacon Award from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses

Diversity at INTEGRIS

INTEGRIS’ approach to diversity goes beyond race, gender, ethnicity, abilities and faith. With 1,000s of employees across the state, living in various neighborhoods and with many different goals, diversity comes from personal expression and how employees approach problem-solving and critical thinking. As a whole, the company aims to promote diversity as a way to build a positive work culture for its staff that reflects on the patients themselves.

Diversity at INTEGRIS extends to the care that caregivers provide patients. Staff members receive training that helps them understand the beliefs and behaviors of their patients and incorporate them as part of their care plan. This approach ensures the most tailored approach to helping patients with their needs.  

Getting to INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

The main hospital building at 3300 NW Expressway encompasses more than 10 floors plus a basement, with several adjacent buildings reached via a concourse. The hospital is located between the Hefner Parkway and the NW Expressway, with a vehicle entrance off Independence Avenue. Several parking garages surround the campus for guests, visitors and staff members, with parking lots for specific buildings, such as the emergency room.

Public buses are regularly available to get to the hospital from the city. It takes approximately two minutes to walk from the NW 59th Street at North Brookline Avenue bus stop to the hospital.

To keep the facility safe and secure, uniformed security personnel patrol 24 hours a day. All employees of the hospital must wear name tags at all times. If you ever need assistance, lead nurses and clinic directors oversee all floors and help with any queries you might have.

Working in Oklahoma City

As a permanent or travel nurse or allied health professional, it’s essential to enjoy where you live and work. Whether you’re an Oklahoma City native, moving there permanently or have your Oklahoma nursing license ready for a travel assignment, working in Oklahoma City provides access to culture, art, history and nature all in one place. OKC has a relatively low cost of living and home prices are lower than the national average, helping healthcare professionals stretch their incomes.

Oklahoma City is a picturesque place to live, with four pleasant seasons and plenty of local attractions to visit when you’re not working. It’s a great place for families, with its exciting array of museums, animal attractions, restaurants and numerous annual events. Like the entire State of Oklahoma, OKC has plenty of man-made lakes and lush parks to enjoy spending time outdoors during your free time away from work.

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