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1 Million Clinicians Choose Vivian

Vivian Health’s goal of empowering healthcare professionals to find their perfect jobs faster and easier than ever before has just hit a milestone. We’re proud to announce that we’ve now supported over one MILLION clinicians in their job searches! At Vivian, healthcare workers come first, and we’re honored that more than one million clinicians trust us to help them with their job choices and career advancement.

Vivian Listens to Healthcare Professionals

Vivian listens to healthcare workers

As a healthcare worker, you live your life on a mission to help others. The days are long and often thankless, but that doesn’t stop you from being there for everyone who turns to you for help. Our mission at Vivian is to be there for you.

Vivian is thankful to the clinicians who have joined and continue to interact with our platform and wants them to know that we’re listening. We actively listen to the needs of everyone in healthcare. Our company employs registered nurses and allied health professionals across the organization to ensure that healthcare professionals are at the center of every touch point within the platform.

We have a team dedicated to user research that interviews clinicians through the lens of trauma-informed research methods based on the experience that clinicians have had over the past three years. Members of our product and design teams apply what they learn to help improve our platform and our marketing team helps keep clinicians informed. Our entire team of nurses and business experts spend their days thinking about how we can best support your career and make your life a little easier in the process.

Over 1 million healthcare professionals trust their job search to Vivian: the leading job marketplace for anyone in healthcare. With the hottest jobs from the top employers, Vivian is creating a better hiring experience centered on healthcare professionals.

Join Vivian today and stop stressing about your next job search!

We Value Your Time, Ambition and Career Goals

Vivian believes that over one million clinicians trust us to find their next jobs because we’ve built features that value their time, ambition and career goals. Some of the features you’ll find on Vivian that help improve your job search include:

  • Pay Transparency: We’re the first company to require pay transparency on our platform because we value your livelihood. Pay transparency involves displaying the salary for each job post before a candidate even applies so they can make informed decisions about their futures. This practice helps us build stronger, more trustworthy relationships with the clinicians who use our site. It’s also one more way we prove that healthcare workers come first at Vivian.
  • Job Matching AI: This innovative feature allows candidates to receive notifications for jobs most relevant to them and their needs. Job matching powered by artificial intelligence uses algorithms and machine learning to match job openings with candidate criteria to help them quickly find similar jobs that might interest them based on previous job applications.
  • Focus on Job Accuracy: We value your ambition to find the best job for your career aspirations and don’t want incorrect data getting in your way. We give candidates the ability to report jobs or recruiters providing inaccurate information.
  • Report a Job: We value your trust! If a job is outdated or the salary is incorrect, report it so we can quickly remove it from our platform.
  • Request a New Recruiter: We value your energy, and being ghosted stinks! If a recruiter doesn’t respond, request a new recruiter and we’ll find one who will.
  • Incentivize Recruiters to Respond: It’s frustrating when you don’t receive responses from recruiters. That’s why we match more candidates to recruiters with low response times and high response rates to decrease the chance of being ghosted. If you don’t receive a response, reread the previous feature.
  • One Click Apply: We value your time! Our one-click apply feature lets you apply for multiple jobs across various agencies on our platform with a single click. Simply upload your information once into your Universal Profile and you’re ready to apply for multiple jobs simultaneously, even if the employer isn’t the same. It takes minutes to apply to all the jobs that meet your interests instead of hours of filling out individual applications.
  • Auto-Generated, Downloadable Resumes: We value your career goals! Using your Candidate Profile, our platform automatically generates a professional resume based on the answers you input about your career. We’ve made it easy for you to download the professional resume that Vivian helped you build so you have it for the future.

Vivian Values You

Thank you healthcare heroes on Vivian

Our top value is putting healthcare workers first because we know that when healthcare workers win, we all win. We value all healthcare professionals and will continue to innovate and create new features to ensure a better hiring experience. We will never quit striving to make our platform trustworthy and continue to create the most seamless experience for you.

Over one million healthcare professionals trust our platform to take their healthcare careers to the next level. Vivian celebrates their journeys and career advancement. We’re thankful to all the clinicians, recruiters and employers who’ve banded with us to raise the standard of what healthcare hiring should be.

We’re one million clinicians strong and counting. Join us and find your next job on Vivian today!

Vivian Health

Vivian Health is the leading healthcare jobs marketplace built to serve medical professionals first. We’re fixing the way healthcare hiring works in America, because nurses deserve better.

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I never seem to get far after a note from a recruiter…they don’t follow up well at all.


Hello Sandy and thanks for reaching out! We’re sorry you’ve had less than stellar results with the recruiters you’ve dealt with in the past because being ghosted stinks! Vivian values your time, ambitions and career goals, so our platform has several features to make your job search easier. If you’re being ignored by a recruiter, please request a new one, so we can match you up with one who values you as much as we do. Should you have any questions about our website or need further help, please don’t hesitate to use the “Contact Vivian” option under the Resources tab to speak with our 24/7 help desk. We wish you the best of luck securing your next job and hope you’ll let Vivian assist you!


Hey!!! I’m Cassandra Turner from Louisiana..I’ve been working as a CNA for over a yr now and currently working in a nursing home. I love my job , my residents, and my coworkers. I’m just looking for the better pay to help my family and I’ll love to travel if possible.


Hey Cassandra, that’s great! If you’re currently searching for a travel CNA job, check out the CNA travel jobs we currently have posted here – https://www.vivian.com/cna/travel/. Should you have any questions, feel free to use the “Contact Vivian” option under the Resources tab to speak with our 24/7 help desk. We wish you the best of luck securing the high-paying job you want and hope Vivian can be of assistance!


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