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Boost Your Career with Vivian’s Expanded VIP Program

Vivian Health is taking its beloved VIP program to the next level. Since its original launch in 2022, the Vivian VIP program has helped tens of thousands of healthcare professionals get hired, so we’re doubling down by adding new benefits and including financial rewards as a bonus.

Gain a Competitive Edge in Your Job Search

Today, we’re announcing a suite of new benefits to our rapidly growing Vivian VIP program.

Our enhanced VIP program gives you priority access to travel jobs. We’re also adding a second tier – Vivian VIP Elite – that celebrates your hard work through financial rewards.

With fewer travel jobs available and lower pay becoming the norm, candidates need a way to stand out, especially for the more competitive jobs in desirable locations or with higher pay. We know finding good travel jobs in the new post-pandemic environment is getting increasingly harder. Gaining a competitive edge can really go a long way. Vivian VIP gives you that.

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Tier 1: VIP Benefits

Becoming a VIP gives you an edge over your competitors through the following benefits:

1. First access to travel jobs: VIPs get notified first for their preferred travel jobs. With fewer travel jobs, applying first can make a big difference. Our research shows that if you’re among the first to apply, you’re two times as likely to get the job1.

2. Boosted credibility: Stand out from the sea of applicants. As a VIP, you get a badge on your profile. Recruiters recognize this badge and consider you a more serious, reliable and prepared candidate.

3. Faster responses: Recruiters see VIP applicants in a dedicated section of their inbox. Because they know VIPs are qualified, engaged and work-ready candidates, recruiters typically respond to them faster. In fact, they may respond to VIP Elites up to 4 hours faster2, potentially translating to half a day sooner than non-VIPs. In a competitive job market where the best jobs get snagged fast, 4 hours could significantly impact your success in getting the job you want.

Tier 2: VIP Elite Benefits

The more times you’re placed in a job on the Vivian platform, the more you earn!3 In addition to the VIP benefits above, we introduced our second tier to the program – VIP Elite – to give you the ability to earn financial rewards when you land that perfect job and get hired through the Vivian platform. That’s right! You get a cash reward for what you’re already doing – finding a job. 

You’ve told us how difficult the past few years have been. We hear you and want to celebrate your hard work with something everyone can use – a financial bonus! One healthcare professional expressed their appreciation of any extra income because they didn’t usually receive contract extension bonuses or traditional benefits like PTO or sick days. Vivian VIP Elite gives you that.

  1. Earn rewards: Receive up to $1,6504 in financial rewards when you get hired on Vivian. It’s our way of showing our commitment to you and our appreciation. You can use your cash reward5 towards state license fees, new scrubs or anything else you need to feel supported in your new role.

Vivian VIP Price Chart

How to Qualify for Vivian VIP Status

Step 1: Download the Vivian App 

Step 2: Complete 90% of your profile

Step 3: Update your job preferences

Candidates who were part of the original VIP program launched in 2022 must opt-in to the new enhanced VIP program to receive all the benefits. The former Vivian VIP program has been sunsetted and you’re not automatically entered into the new program.

How to Qualify for VIP Elite Status

After becoming a Vivian VIP, report your job to Vivian6 to earn your financial reward.

Step 1: Engage and get hired on Vivian. Communicate with your recruiter within 90 days before signing your contract.

Step 2: Verify your employment.  Tell us you’ve been hired within 60 days of starting your new job and upload a pay stub.

Step 3: Wait for your recruiter to confirm. Recruiters make every attempt to confirm placements promptly so you can get your reward.

Vivian VIP Chart

Vivian Is Here to Support Your Entire Career

These new program benefits underscore our ongoing commitment to helping healthcare professionals land their perfect job faster and easier than ever before. The new enhancements take our existing VIP program up another notch, with unparalleled access to jobs, financial rewards and a sense of recognition and appreciation. 

This program is still just the beginning for Vivian. We’re not even close to being finished delivering against our mission. Our aim is to continuously adapt and grow our VIP program as healthcare professionals’ needs and wants evolve. We’re on a multi-year journey focused on raising the bar on candidate engagement and career choice in the healthcare industry.

It’s your future; come find it! Become a Vivian VIP7 and take your job search to the next level with Vivian.

Become a VIP

1Two times more likely to get hired claim based on analysis of data from the Vivian platform from 01/01/2022 to 12/31/2022.
2Faster responses claim based on analysis of data from the Vivian platform from 08/17/2022 to 03/17/2023.
3VIP Elites earn rewards for up to four (4) placements on the Vivian platform under the current program parameters.
4Rewards may be paid via gift card or another mechanism at Vivian’s option and are subject to change. You can only earn one reward every 30 days. Not all jobs qualify. Review the full Vivian VIP Terms for complete details and additional limitations.
5Cash rewards are currently dispersed through a Tango gift card that arrives within 6 to 8 weeks of being awarded.
6Once a VIP, there are additional steps to become a VIP Elite and earn rewards: Communicate with your recruiter within 90 days before your contract signing and inform Vivian of your new job within 30 days of your start date.
7See the full terms and conditions of the program here

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