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The Vivian Universal Profile & Resume Builder

A Vivian Universal Profile is the ticket to thousands of jobs on the platform. Vivian posts travel nursing jobs, permanent staff jobs, local agency, and prn nursing jobs with transparent pay posted. Vivian not only posts nursing jobs, but also has tons of allied health jobs to choose from. When a healthcare worker fills out a profile on Vivian, the only people that can see their contact information are the recruiters that have posted jobs the user applied for. This means no spamming, no sharing information with other agencies, and providing the best user experience for healthcare professionals as they search for the job that is the best fit for them. 

The first step is to register on Vivian and begin adding your information to your Universal Profile. With this single profile, users can see hundreds of jobs posted by a multitude of travel nurse agencies and healthcare systems. All of the jobs are posted with transparent pay and Vivian matches the best jobs for each individual candidate with one Universal Profile. 

Once a Vivian profile is complete, healthcare professionals can download complete resumes using the Resume Builder feature on the platform. It will highlight everything from the profile—experience, certifications and other documents, education, references, and even specific skills. 

How to Complete the Vivian Universal Profile

Anything with a red asterisk in the profile is mandatory and will not allow users to save that profile chapter if those sections are not completed. 

About Me 

The “About Me” section of the profile is the space for healthcare professionals to showcase themselves and their personalities to recruiters. It can give insight into passions outside of work, career goals, and can highlight any awards or significant recognition. This can be a very short version of a cover letter and can grab a recruiter’s attention. This is also a great spot to free text anything specific that a candidate may want recruiters and hiring facilities to know about them that they feel isn’t included in the profile elsewhere. 

Upload a photo! This personalizes a profile and attracts employers.


The profile will allow the candidate to enter two specialties. Most allied health professionals will only have a single specialty, but nurses may easily have more than one. The nurse should enter their two most recent specialties, unless one was very short lived (less than 6 months). In that case, enter the specialty most recently worked before that. These specialties are what we use to match healthcare workers to jobs and to determine if their experience is appropriate to apply for specialty nursing travel jobs. All travel nursing jobs require at least 1-2 years recent experience within the specialty that the candidate is applying to. 

Job Preferences

The job preferences section of the profile allows a users to specify any preferences they have when looking for their dream job. It also helps the team at Vivian match users to the best jobs for them based on their priorities for employment.  

Healthcare workers that are searching for jobs can indicate ideal locations, which shift they prefer, what their pay target is, and if they are actively looking for a job. Candidates can also enter their anticipated start date. Providers can also choose which type of job they are or are not looking for by either checking or unchecking the boxes next to the four job categories: Permanent, Travel, Per diem, and Local contract. Unchecking all of the boxes will put a candidate’s search ‘on hold’. 

Work Experience

This section of the profile should be completed by the candidate and reflect at least the last two years of work history, when relevant and applicable. For example, if a candidate is a new graduate nurse, and has only worked one job for two years, there is no need to provide any prior history unless it is healthcare related, such as working as CNA. 

The ‘duties’ section of this chapter is a great place for users to expand on their role and mention any special committees or positions they may have held at prior jobs. Roles such as precepting and charge nursing can be documented here . Each entry will be saved separately and can be used to generate a PDF resume when the profile is completed. (see below in the “Documents” section for how to do this).

Candidates should update this section if they complete their employment somewhere, or start a new job. 


Licensure is necessary to be able to work as a healthcare professional in some disciplines. All healthcare workers will be prompted to enter their licenses, but there is a ‘Not Required’ option in the license section for those who hold jobs that do not demand licensure.

Nurses should upload all active licenses, as they are only allowed to work in states where they hold an unencumbered license. There is a checkbox for compact state licenses if applicable. RNs need to update this section whenever they renew a license to maintain eligibility for jobs. 

At the bottom of the license screen there is a button to upload an image of the license. This is not mandatory, but is recommended. Most employers require a copy of the license and this is a great spot to store those files for easy access. 


The certifications section is a great place to organize ACLS, BLS, PALS, and specialty specific certifications. Some of the allied health roles on the site are certified, not licensed roles, and those certifications can also be stored in this space. There is a separate section for education, but users can upload images of their degrees in the ‘certifications section’ for one click access.

A ‘Not Required’ option is available for roles that do not necessitate licensure or professional certification. 


This section is for entering any formal degrees the healthcare worker has received. The form requires the school name, city, state, degree type, and graduation month and year. There is also a choice for ‘Other’ that will require an explanation of the degree. 


Healthcare professionals can think of this chapter as their ‘briefcase’. The main document a candidate should upload is a resume, but they can also use this space to store all the other necessary forms to gain employment. This can include awards received, copies of front and back of driver’s license, immunization records, PPD results, fit tests, and any other random pieces of documentation. This space is a great place to show recruiters that a candidate is organized and ready for immediate employment. Please do not upload a social security card. The website is secure, but the profile only asks for the last four of the SSN. 

Tip: Once you apply to a job it is normal for recruiters to ask for your social security number. All jobs require a background check to be completed. If it is a travel job, they may even ask for it before you interview to get the process started and get you submitted more quickly. 

Skills Checklist 

The skills checklist is a reflection of how often and how comfortable candidates are with specific skills related to their specialty or role. Recruiters use these lists to determine if providers are a good fit for the jobs they are trying to fill. 

There are pre-set lists for each specialty. Candidates should choose whichever list is closest to their specialty. More than one skills checklist can be completed if applicable. It is a powerful way to showcase a healthcare professional’s unique strengths far and above what a simple resume would do. 

There are two categories for each skills checklist and they are in different colors. Proficiency, meaning how well a candidate can perform a certain skill and how experienced they are in that skill, is blue. Frequency, or how often the skill is performed is green. The rating scale for each skills checklist is the same:

Proficiency: 1– None; 2– Intermittent; 3– Experience; 4– Can supervise/teach

Frequency: 1– Never/Observed Only; 2– Less than 6 times/year; 3– Twice a Month; 4– Daily-Weekly


We recommend that two references be entered on the site. These references should be professional references, preferably from a direct manager or supervisor if possible. Most agencies have a form that they email to the references to fill out. For permanent positions, the hiring manager or recruiter at the facility will usually call the references, and possibly send them a document to fill out as well. In both cases, the forms are often short, sweet and to the point,  and don’t require too much time. 

How to Use the Resume Builder

A neat and organized resume grabs an employer’s attention and can separate you from other applicants. Conversely, a hand-written or poorly formatted resume can make the employer think you aren’t serious enough about the job to take the time to fix it and present it properly. Some of us just don’t have those skills! Vivian added an amazing tool that you can use to build your resume without any formatting hassles or questions about what needs to be included.

After the profile and the work history section has been thoroughly completed, find the button that says “Download your resume” under where it says “Profile Strength” with the status bar. Click that to generate your personal PDF resume. After saving the file, upload it to the ‘Documents’ section of your profile.

Recruiters on the Vivian platform look for candidates who are serious about their application and are ready to be submitted with a facility. With our new tool, users now have a premium profile on Vivian and an attractive, well-formatted resume ready to go when they apply for jobs

Healthcare professionals can generate a new resume each time something is updated in their profile to keep their documents current.

Shay Hubert BSN, RN

Shay has been a Registered Nurse for five years. Her background is predominantly in Women's and Infant Health, and more recently in a same-day surgical setting. She has traveled with agency staffing companies, including travel experience in New York City helping with the COVID-19 crisis. She brings a clinical background and customer-first focus to help Vivian better serve our nurse community. As a clinician advocate, Shay hopes to extend helpful information from a clinical standpoint and be a support for nurses using our services.

Comments (8)

I’m looking for a new opportunity I’ve been a patient care tech support for 24 year’s I’m looking for a travel position in Honolulu Queens medical hospital.


Hi Jacqueline and thanks for reaching out. Vivian Health doesn’t currently have any travel patient care tech jobs posted in Honolulu at this time. However, you can create a Universal Profile here and request notifications when jobs post that match what you’re looking for. If you have any questions or need help with our website, please don’t hesitate to go to the “Contact Vivian” option under the Resources tab to speak with our 24/7 help desk. We wish you the best of luck in your job search and hope we can help!


Hi ma’am.

I am reaching out for travel positions. I am not certified and was trying to apply to that position and got s bunch of others. The last time I worked as a surgical tech, was 1998. I am willing to do what it takes to get back in and sit for my national certification. I can easily attain over sa weekend the BLS AND CPR AND WHATEVER I need to do to get back into it. It was my passion and what I wanted to do with my life. With my ex husband being military, we were emergency shipped to Germany. I had paid for my seat but when we returned in 2001, thru said I couldn’t take the test. Please help. I can’t afford to take in school loans but will take grants to do so. I am willing to do weekday or take to get it back. Please advise or if you have any positions in central sterile. Just a for in the for to obtain the certification. I can do appys in my sleep, endoscopic bust picking, vascular, cardio and neuro are my favorite. I also love harvesting for transplants. Please help me get back in.


Hello Wendy and thanks for reaching out. Wow! It sounds like you’re in a tough spot, and we’d love to help. Unfortunately, most of the employers on our site require recent clinical experience, and it doesn’t sound like you’ve worked in the field for some time. For travel jobs especially, you must have recent experience to qualify for any role. We recommend looking into hospitals that may help pay for your re-education if you sign a contract to work for them and asking other healthcare workers in your field of choice if they have any further suggestions. We wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll keep us in mind for future travel or staff roles!


Looking for remote NP position


Hello Lorraine and thanks for reaching out! Vivian currently has several travel NP positions posted here: You can fill out a profile, apply for the jobs that sound like a good fit, start a conversation with one of our nurse advocates and take the next step in your travel nursing journey. If you have any questions about our website, please feel free to use the “Contact Vivian” option under the Resources tab to reach our 24/7 help desk for further assistance. We’d love to help make your travel job search faster and easier for you!


I’m a Rad Tech ..I did start my profile almost complete. The Skill List I could not complete because there was drop down for Rad Tech.


We apologize for any difficulties you might be experiencing, Joseph. If the platform isn’t operating as it should, please use the “Contact Vivian” option under the Resources tab to reach our 24/7 help desk with any questions about the site. You may also send an email to [email protected] to receive assistance that way. We want to provide you the help you need to ensure you’re set up for success!


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