Fetal Echocardiographer Career Guide

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If you have a passion for both healthcare and the intricacies of fetal development, a career as a Fetal Echocardiographer might be the perfect fit for you. Fetal Echocardiographers specialize in using ultrasound technology to assess the hearts of unborn babies, playing a vital role in diagnosing congenital heart defects and ensuring the well-being of both mother and


To become a Fetal Echocardiographer, a strong educational foundation is essential. Typically, individuals pursue an Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography or a related field. Some specialized training programs offer courses specifically tailored to fetal echocardiography. The Fetal Echocardiography (FE) credential is granted by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). Applicants may pursue the

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Fetal Echocardiographers need a solid understanding of fetal development, cardiac anatomy and ultrasound technology. Excellent communication skills are crucial for explaining procedures to expectant parents and conveying findings to medical teams.


Technical expertise in using ultrasound equipment, interpreting images and recognizing cardiac anomalies is essential. Strong interpersonal skills are equally important to provide emotional support to expectant parents during potentially sensitive situations.

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Fetal Echocardiographers collaborate with obstetricians to schedule and perform ultrasound scans, focusing on the fetal heart. They analyze images, document findings and communicate results to the medical team. Sensitivity and compassion are vital when conveying any potential health concerns to parents.

Salary Insights

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Fetal Echocardiographer

The average salary for a Fetal Echocardiographer is $2,683.49 per week.

Last updated on September 20, 2023. Based on active jobs on Vivian.com.

Pros & Cons

Becoming a Fetal Echocardiographer offers a fulfilling career path. You'll contribute to ensuring the health of unborn babies and supporting expectant parents through the process. The job often comes with job stability, as there is a consistent demand for fetal cardiac assessments.

However, challenges exist as well. The emotional aspect of the job requires the ability to handle potentially difficult conversations

Fetal Echocardiographer Jobs

View job details for Santa Rosa, CATravel ContractSanta Rosa, CATravel Fetal EchocardiographyCross Country Allied$3,130/wkEstimated pay package
Posted 5 days ago
View job details for San Francisco, CATravel ContractSan Francisco, CATravel Fetal EchocardiographyCross Country Allied$3,120/wkEstimated pay package
Posted 7 days ago
View job details for Mountain View, CATravel ContractMountain View, CATravel Fetal EchocardiographyCross Country Allied$3,040/wkEstimated pay package
Posted Today
View job details for Mountain View, CATravel ContractMountain View, CATravel Fetal EchocardiographyCross Country Allied$3,040/wkEstimated pay package

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