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A Medical Physicist is a highly specialized healthcare professional who plays a crucial role in the field of medical imaging and radiation therapy. These experts ensure the safe and effective use of radiation in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions, particularly cancer. Medical Physicists work alongside radiologists, oncologists and other medical professionals to provide precise and accurate radiation


To become a Medical Physicist, a graduate degree (typically a Master's or Ph.D.) in Medical Physics or a related field is required. The program should be accredited by a recognized medical physics organization.

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Related certifications

After completing their education, aspiring Medical Physicists typically complete a clinical residency to gain hands-on experience in a healthcare setting. They may also need to obtain certification from organizations like the American Board of Radiology (ABR) or the American Board of Medical Physics (ABMP). Certifications include the ABMP - Medical Health credential that certifies physicists and related scientists


Successful Medical Physicists possess a deep understanding of physics principles, particularly in the context of medical applications. They need strong analytical skills, attention to detail and proficiency in various software tools used for treatment planning and quality assurance.

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Medical Physicists are responsible for conducting quality assurance checks on equipment, creating treatment plans, collaborating with medical teams to ensure patient safety, conducting research to improve treatment techniques and staying current with advancements in the field.

Salary Insights

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Medical Physicist

The average salary for a Medical Physicist is $5,386.82 per week.

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Pros & Cons

Becoming a Medical Physicist offers numerous benefits, including the opportunity to make a direct impact on patient care, a high level of job satisfaction and the potential for career growth. However, the path to becoming a Medical Physicist requires a significant investment in education and training. The responsibilities can also be mentally demanding, as precision and accuracy are vital to

Medical Physicist Jobs

View job details for Burbank, CATravel ContractBurbank, CATravel PhysicistCross Country Allied$7,345/wkEstimated pay package
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View job details for Chattanooga, TNTravel ContractChattanooga, TNTravel PhysicistCross Country Allied$5,810/wk
View job details for Minocqua, WITravel ContractMinocqua, WITravel PhysicistPlanet Healthcare$7,656/wk
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View job details for Burbank, CATravel ContractBurbank, CATravel PhysicistOneStaff Medical$6,518/wkEstimated pay package
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