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Visual Impairments Teachers, also known as teachers of the visually impaired (TVIs), are dedicated educators who specialize in working with students who have visual impairments or blindness. These professionals play a crucial role in empowering visually impaired individuals to gain the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the world and achieve their educational and personal goals.

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To become a Visual Impairments Teacher, you typically need a bachelor's degree in Special Education with a focus on visual impairments. Some universities offer programs specifically designed for TVIs. The length of study is typically four years for a bachelor's degree.

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Becoming a Visual Impairments Teacher requires meeting certain qualifications and gaining valuable experience. While the specific requirements may vary from location to location, most regions require certification as a teacher of the visually impaired. In addition to formal education, field experience gained through internships and student teaching is crucial for building practical skills. Continuing education is also important, as TVIs


Visual Impairments Teachers play a crucial role in ensuring that students with visual impairments receive the support and accommodations they need to succeed in their education. Their responsibilities are multifaceted and include conducting assessments to determine each student's visual abilities and learning needs. They also deliver specialized instruction in areas such as Braille reading, orientation and mobility, and other relevant

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Visual Impairments Teacher

The average salary for a Visual Impairments Teacher is $2,403.00 per week.

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Pros & Cons

Teaching visually impaired students can be an incredibly fulfilling profession. As a teacher of visually impaired students, you have the opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of your students. You help them achieve their educational goals, which can be incredibly rewarding as you witness their growth and success.

There is often a high demand for qualified TVIs, which

Visual Impairments Teacher Jobs

View job details for Kaneohe, HITravel ContractKaneohe, HISchool Services - Visual Impairments TeacherThe Stepping Stones Group$2,100/wk
Posted 13 days ago
View job details for San Francisco, CATravel ContractSan Francisco, CASchool Services - Visual Impairments TeacherThe Stepping Stones Group$2,800/wkEstimated pay package
View job details for Oakland, CATravel ContractOakland, CASchool Services - Visual Impairments TeacherThe Stepping Stones Group$2,800/wkEstimated pay package
View job details for Fairfield, CATravel ContractFairfield, CASchool Services - Visual Impairments TeacherThe Stepping Stones Group$2,520/wkEstimated pay package

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