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Social workers play a vital role in advocating for and supporting individuals and communities in need. They work in various settings, including healthcare, schools, government agencies and non-profit organizations, to address social and emotional challenges faced by diverse populations.

Essential Job Functions:

Social workers assess clients' needs, provide counseling and therapy and connect them to resources such as housing, healthcare


To become a social worker, a minimum of a bachelor's degree in social work (BSW) is typically required. Many social workers pursue a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree for advanced roles and opportunities.

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Related certifications

Social workers must meet state licensing or certification requirements, which often include supervised clinical experience and passing an examination. Some states also require continuing education to maintain licensure.


Successful staff and travel social workers possess strong communication, empathy and active listening skills. They must be culturally sensitive and able to navigate complex situations. Problem-solving, crisis intervention and organizational abilities are essential to effectively address clients' needs.

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Social workers collaborate with clients to develop and implement treatment plans, provide counseling and therapy and coordinate services. They advocate for policy changes to improve clients' well-being and work with other professionals, such as doctors and educators, to create holistic support systems.

Salary Insights

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Social Work

The average salary for a Social Work is $2,280.39 per week.

Last updated on September 30, 2023. Based on active jobs on

Pros & Cons

Becoming a social worker offers the opportunity to make a significant positive impact on individuals and communities. The profession is deeply rewarding, with the chance to see positive changes in clients' lives. Social workers often enjoy diverse and fulfilling career paths, working with a range of populations and issues.

However, the role can be emotionally demanding, as social workers often work

Social Work Jobs

View job details for Pittsfield, MATravel ContractPittsfield, MATravel Social Work - Social WorkerCross Country Nurses$2,685/wk
Posted 1 day ago
View job details for San Francisco, CATravel ContractSan Francisco, CATravel Social Work - Social WorkerCross Country Nurses$2,625/wkEstimated pay package
Posted 1 day ago
View job details for Owosso, MITravel ContractOwosso, MITravel Social Work - Social WorkerCross Country Nurses$2,440/wk
Posted 9 days ago
View job details for Vancouver, WATravel ContractVancouver, WATravel Social Work - Social WorkerCross Country Nurses$2,380/wkEstimated pay package
Posted 1 day ago

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