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Physical Therapists are healthcare professionals who specialize in helping patients recover from injuries or illnesses that affect their physical abilities. They play a crucial role in rehabilitation by providing personalized treatment plans, exercises and hands-on therapies to improve mobility, reduce pain and enhance overall quality of life. Essential job functions in this specialty include assessing patients' conditions, developing


Becoming a Physical Therapist requires a solid educational background. Aspiring PTs must earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree, which typically takes three years to complete. Admission to DPT programs usually requires a bachelor's degree with specific prerequisite coursework in subjects like biology, anatomy, physiology and psychology. Additionally, applicants must complete supervised clinical experiences to gain practical

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Related certifications

After obtaining a DPT degree, prospective Physical Therapists must meet licensing requirements to practice. This usually involves passing the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT). Some states might have additional jurisprudence exams or requirements.

Gaining experience is vital in this profession. Many DPT programs include clinical rotations, but aspiring PTs can


Staff and Travel Physical Therapists require a diverse set of skills to excel in their specialty. Firstly, they need a strong foundation in anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics to understand the human body's mechanics. Knowledge of various therapeutic techniques, manual therapies and exercise physiology is essential to design effective treatment plans.

Hard skills involve expertise in using therapeutic equipment and

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Physical Therapists have a wide range of responsibilities that center around patient care. They begin by evaluating patients, identifying impairments and establishing treatment goals. Treatment plans include therapeutic exercises, manual therapies and modalities that PTs implement during one-on-one sessions with patients.

Educating patients about their conditions, the importance of home exercises and injury prevention is a vital responsibility to foster long-term

Salary Insights

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Physical Therapist

The average salary for a Physical Therapist is $2,100.56 per week.

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Pros & Cons


  • Rewarding Career: Helping patients regain their physical abilities and improve their quality of life can be immensely gratifying.

  • Job Demand: As the aging population grows and healthcare awareness increases, the demand for Physical Therapists is expected to remain high.

  • Diverse Work Settings: PTs can work in various settings, including hospitals, private clinics, sports facilities and schools, allowing for diverse career opportunities.

  • Competitive Salary:

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Physical Therapist Jobs

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Travel Physical Therapist

  • Globe, AZ
  • Blu Medstaff
  • 5x8 hrs


Posted 5 days ago
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Travel Physical Therapist

  • Warsaw, VA
  • Nationwide Therapy Group
  • 5x8 hrs, Days
  • Referral Bonus


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Travel Manager - Physical Therapist

  • Elma, WA
  • Host Healthcare
  • 5x8 hrs, Days


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View job details for Travel Physical Therapist
Travel Contract

Travel Physical Therapist

  • Globe, AZ
  • ViTalent
  • 5x8 hrs, Days
  • Referral Bonus


Posted 4 days ago

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