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Registered Nurse (RN) - Behavioral Health
Acadia Healthcare Inc
Chicago, IL
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Behavioral Health RN Registered Nurse

Provide nursing care and services within the standards and scope of nursing practice, as defined within the state Nurse Practice Act regulations, policies, procedures, and protocols as well as facility and corporate policies and procedures. Nursing care performed is carried out in conformance with established standards and nursing policies, and Physician care ordered is carried out and documented appropriately. Physician's orders are legible if taken verbally, and transcribed appropriately, per policy and procedure. The person (s) receiving services' status is assessed on an ongoing basis and pertinent information gathered is documented; notifies physician of significant changes in status such as difficulties with detox, medical emergency, or change in medical status regarding response to medications, etc. Nursing treatment plans are specific to assessed needs, an initial treatment plan is completed upon admission. Demonstrate knowledge and utilization of universal precautions in providing direct client care. Accurately administer medications per ordered note, document medication administration, and reflect the accurate count of controlled substance medication administration on required documents. Responsible for completing the admission process efficiently and accurately, responsible for completing the discharge process efficiently and accurately, as directed. Exhibit therapeutic rapport with clients by maintaining professional boundaries, being respectful to personal space, giving clients direct attention, and maintaining rational detachment. Provide direction or coordinates the activities of the unit or program, as directed. Communicate therapeutically and professionally with the person(s) receiving services, visitors, coworkers, and others involved in the person(s) effectively receiving services' treatment.


Average Illinois Staff Position Pay


The average salary for a Behavioral Health is 17% lower than the US average of $47.

Estimate based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data.