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349 Reid Rd
Junction, TX 76849

About this facility

Federally designated as a Critical Access Hospital in 2000, Kimble is licensed for 15 acute care beds, all of which may be used as “swing beds” or skilled nursing beds for Medicare patients who need extra time to heal and strengthen following an acute care stay. As a result, the hospital can care for many inpatients with acute or chronic medical conditions such as heart attacks, congestive heart failure, pneumonia and influenza, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes. The hospital also provides end-of-life care in rooms designed for the comfort of patients and their families. As a Level IV Trauma Center, the Emergency Department at Kimble Hospital serves as the first responder for injured and ill patients living or visiting in the area, or traveling on I-10. The quality of care at the hospital and in the emergency department is enhanced through the use of telemedicine services which bring virtual specialists to assist with diagnosis and treatment plans. Other hospital services supporting both inpatient and outpatient care include: CT scanning, general x-ray and ultrasound; physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation; and laboratory testing. The hospital also offers outpatient diagnostic GI procedures and senior mental health services.


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  • Private Hospital
  • Critical Access
  • Level IV Trauma
  • 15 beds
  • TruBridge