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Northwest Center for Behavioral Health

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health
1 Mile E US Hwy 270
Fort Supply, OK 73841

About this facility

Northwest Center for Behavioral Health offers excellent treatment to all of Northwestern Oklahoma. For over 100 years we have provided quality care to all of our consumers, serving 24% of the State. We are licensed and Joint Commission accredited since 1974, with highest quality Services and provide complete mental health and substance abuse Services. We individually treat each consumer’s specific needs. Northwest Center For Behavioral Health Services Include: Outpatient Services - Mental health, counseling, Medication evaluation and more Lighthouse Residential Substance Abuse Treatment - Intensive 30 day recovery treatment schedule of 37 ½ hours of educational classes, groups therapy, recreational therapy Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Unit We offer inpatient mental health & substance abuse, as well as outpatient services so that we can follow through and maintain continuous care.
  • Psychiatric
  • Public Hospital
  • 24 beds
  • Netsmart Technologies