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Mosaic Medical Center-Maryville

Mosaic Life Care
4.0rating(2 reviews)
2016 S Main St
Maryville, MO 64468

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SSM Health St. Francis Hospital-Maryville in Maryville, MO is not nationally ranked in any specialty.


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  • Short Term Acute Care
  • 29 beds
  • Epic Systems Corporation


4.0rating(2 reviews)
Review of Mosaic Medical Center-Maryville on Mar 20, 2024

ER nurse manager lies, cuts staff, cut stock, eliminated Er Techs!

Megan the nurse manager cut staff so bad patients wait times 12+ hours were nothing, no staff, no stock…. We had no bp cuffs/no pulse ox cords for an entire weekend! Since May 2023, she ran off 33+ nurses, 16 ER tech, 4 secretaries, 15 paramedics, 3 certified trauma flight nurses, 3FNP, 8 doctors, 2 medical directors, because she won’t listen! She holds an MSN in HCA, and is clueless to what’s she’s doing, staffing! Oh don’t let a cardiac arrest, trauma, stroke, to roll in > she runs to a so-called meeting! She won’t do RN work, but she’ll run and give out food/drink to patients…..several were scheduled to go to surgery, awaiting to go upstairs to a room for Appendicitis but that was put off for another 12 hours because of her stupidity and not checking! Got rid of Fentanyl protected exam gloves to save $ for her a bigger bonus check. To get exam gloves that break when you pull them on! Charge nurses allow rn’s to cuss out staff and patients and nothing done! CSN/Nurse Manager don’t want anyone with more education/experience on their shift or employed there; they feel threatened and will do everything to put them on standby, or put them as a patient sitter than have them work & help, or to learn by them! Megan had been called multiply times on the weekend to call in help, or come in and help; she told CSN > I am not coming in, they can wait! I’m off and it’s my time with my family. Deal with it! This ER is a level 2 stroke/heart hospital and a level 3 trauma center, but the nurse manager and hospital administrators don’t care how crappy the ER is ran they just care about their pay & bonus! Run far away from this place! SSM St. Joseph Hospital West, Lake St. Louis, MO!

EMT / ER Technician (Allied Health Professional)
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Review of Mosaic Medical Center-Maryville on Mar 20, 2024
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