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  • RN - Utah

    • Compact State
    • Participates in NURSYS
    • Renewal every 2 years prior to January 31 of odd years


    Utah State Board of Nursing (BON) is a state agency under the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL). The Utah State BON consists of 11 members and works in conjunction with DOPL to process applications for Utah RN licenses and renewals. In May 2022, over 41,000 registered nurses held Utah nursing licenses.


    Licensure by Endorsement

    1. Apply for your RN/LPN license online (or by manual form) $60.00

    2. Fingerprints must be submitted to complete your application.

    3. Verify at least one active license through Nursys. If the state doesn’t participate in Nursys, contact the State Board of Nursing board and request for an official verification to be sent to DOPL. It can take 14 business days to issue a completed application. DOPL will contact applicants if it need any additional items.

    To apply to Utah using one of the licenses deemed equivalent, you must have held the equivalent license in that state for at least one year. Additionally, the license must be active and in good standing. In addition to a complete application for licensure (including fingerprints) and the appropriate fees, you must also submit official verification of your license. For jurisdiction that participate in the Nursys program, request verifications directly from this program. If you have been subject to previous disciplinary actions on any professional license or answer yes to any of the questions found on the qualifying questionnaires within the application, you will be required to provide additional information regarding those incidents.  

    For jurisdictions with no equivalent State or Territory-Wide License: If no equivalent state or territory-wide license is issued by a jurisdiction, local jurisdiction licenses (such as those issued by a city or county) or nonequivalent state or territory licenses may be used to assist with documentation of compliance with some Utah qualifications. Applicants must submit a verification of the license they feel may demonstrate components of Utah qualifications that include documentation of hours, exams, and other qualifications completed to obtain the license. Additionally, providing information regarding the scope of the license will assist the Division in determining equivalency.

    Utah RN Licensure by Exam

    Graduate nurses must apply for Utah nursing licensure by exam. All applicants must provide evidence of completion of an approved registered nursing education program and an official transcript if educated outside of Utah.

    1. Apply for licensure by mail or online.

    2.  $90.00 fee  

    3. Fingerprints must be submitted to complete your application. Read through the information on this link for further instruction.

    Note: The processing times for licensure applications without special circumstances (criminal history) can take up to 14 business days.

    Utah RN Licensure for Foreign Educated Nurses

    All applicants must submit a credential evaluation from an approved evaluator, such as CGFNS. Applicants for licensure as a Registered Nurse who have not taken the NCLEX-RN exam must pass the CGFNS exam prior to taking the NCLEX exam and must obtain the required credentials evaluation from CGFNS.

    • Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS)3600 Market Street, Suite 400Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651(215) 349-8767

    • If a foreign graduate, an official copy of CGFNS Certificate and CES Professional Report, which indicate education to be equivalent to an approved program.

    Temporary Nurse License in Utah

    If a nursing student has met all of the requirements for a nursing license except for graduating from an approved nursing education program (as defined in Utah Code Section 58-31b-601) and passing the NCLEX-RN, they may be given a temporary license.


    1. They are enrolled in the final semester or culminating experience of an accredited associate or baccalaureate nursing program (as defined in Utah Code Section 58-31b-601).

    2. Are currently in good academic standing.

    3. Have asked the Dean or appointed Program Representative to complete the Certification of Academic Status of Nurse Education form.

    Do not apply until the Certification of Academic Status of Nurse Education form has been completed by your school. This Temporary RN Apprentice license is non-renewable but may be extended by the Division upon notice. 

    The license will expire upon the earlier of:

    • one year from issuance 

    • 60 days from the end date of the declared emergency or as directed by the Division

    The temporary license may be revoked at any time:

    • 60 days after graduating from an approved nursing education program

    • 60 days after not passing the RN NCLEX on the first attempt

    • Or, if graduating from an approved nursing education program and passing the NCLEX, the applicant shall apply to become licensed as an RN. The temporary Nurse Apprentice license will be superseded upon issuing an RN license.

    NCLEX Registration

    You must register during your last quarter/semester of your nursing education program. You may register online at or by phone at 1-866-49NCLEX

    Applicants must pay a $200 registration fee to take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. This fee won’t be refunded for any reason and must be paid by a VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit, debit, or prepaid card. Should an applicant fail the exam and retake it, another $200 fee applies.

    ADA Accommodations for the NCLEX Examination

    To request ADA accommodations for the NCLEX examination, you will need to submit the following documentation with your application: 1. A letter from the diagnosing physician stating the diagnosis and recommended accommodations. 2. A letter from the school stating the diagnosis and accommodations granted while enrolled in the nursing education program. 3. A letter from yourself stating the diagnosis and requested accommodations.


    RN Licenses expire on January 31 of odd years. At least 60 days prior to the expiration date of a license, DOPL mails a renewal notice to the licensee's address of record. (Failure to update your mailing address could prevent you from receiving the renewal notice and other important correspondence from DOPL. Log into eGov to update your mailing address.)

    Additional Fees

    • If the license has expired less than 2 years ago, it can still be renewed online or with the manual renewal form. A reinstatement fee in addition to the renewal fee will be charged.

    • Reinstatement fee for 30 days or less: $20

    • Reinstatement fee for between 31 days and 2 years: $50.

    • If your license has been expired for more than 2 years.

    During the past 2 years, nurses must have completed licensed practice of at least 400 hours OR at least 200 hours with 15 hours of approved continuing education OR completed 30 hours of approved continuing education.

    And have completed at least ONE of the following online suicide prevention trainings:

    Continuing Education Requirements

    CE hours required for license renewal are:

    • 400 hours of licensed practice, or

    • 200 hours of licensed practice plus 15 contact hours, or

    • 30 contact hours.


    Applicants must have registered for the NCLEX with Pearson Vue and paid for the exam ($200). Applicants must not live in another compact state and can provide proof of residency as defined by Utah Code 58-31c-102.

    NOTE: DOPL cannot authorize out-of-state applicants to test if they are a resident of a state in the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). Residents from compact states must receive authorization to test from their state of residence. For a current list of compact states.

    Applicants must have graduated from an approved nursing program, provide a document with graduation date and degree, and release transcripts to DOPL.

    For transcripts, applicants need to request one of the following:

    Official transcripts documenting graduation from an ACEN, CCNE, or COA accredited nursing program. NOTE: Transcripts are considered official when mailed directly to DOPL from the school or when delivered in a sealed envelope with the school's stamp/seal on the envelope flap. Transcripts may also be sent via secure email from the school's register’s office to [email protected]

    Whether applying by exam or endorsement, all applicants must meet the Board's nurse education requirements.  If they completed an in-state RN education program, the program must be accredited by the Board. Programs completed outside the State must either meet the Board's minimum requirements for an accredited program completed within the state or be accredited by the National League for Nursing.

    The eNLC (newer NLC) has specific licensure requirements referred to as Uniform Licensure Requirements (ULRs). To be eligible for a Utah State license, licensees must meet the following criteria:

    The Uniform License Requirements

    An applicant for licensure in a State that is part of the eNLC (Utah) will need to meet the following uniform licensure requirements:   

    1. Meets the requirements for licensure in the home State (State of residency)

    2. a. Has graduated from a board-approved education program or  b. Has graduated from an international education program (approved by the authorized accrediting body in the applicable country and verified by an independent credentials review agency)

    3. Has passed an English proficiency examination (applies to graduates of an international education program not taught in English or if English is not the individual’s native language)

    4. Has passed an NCLEX-RN Examination

    5. Is eligible for or holds an active, unencumbered license (without active discipline)

    6. Has submitted to state and federal fingerprint-based criminal background checks 

    7. Has not been convicted or found guilty, or has entered into an agreed disposition, of a felony offense under applicable state or federal criminal law

    8. Has no misdemeanor convictions related to the practice of nursing (determined on a case-by-case basis) 

    9. Is not currently a participant in an alternative program

    10. Is required to self-disclose current participation in an alternative program 

    11. Has a valid United States Social Security number

    Applications for Licensure: Read carefully and respond honestly to all questions on the application. If DOPL becomes aware that you misrepresented any information, your case will be submitted to the Investigations department and may result in a citation or discipline against your license. 

    Steps for licensure: 

    1. Register and pay $200.00 for your NCLEX through Pearson Vue. Submit a Request for Authorization to Test to DOPL (online or manual form).

    2. Submit official school transcripts. DOPL will make you eligible for the NCLEX. 

    3. Schedule your examination. Take and pass your examination.

    4. After passing the exam, apply for your license. $60.00 (online or manual form). Fingerprints must be submitted to complete your application. 

    It can take 14 business days to issue a complete application. You will see your license number on DOPL’s website the day after it’s active. You will receive a PDF copy of your license via email within 24 hours of its issuance.

    Application for Criminal History Determination

    Complete the Criminal History Determination Application BEFORE applying for your Utah nursing license.

    Some licensing laws prohibit certain criminal histories. You may submit this application at any time BEFORE applying for a license or even before completing any training or education for the license.

    PLEASE NOTE: A Criminal History Determination Application IS NOT a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Report. To obtain a BCI Report, contact the Utah Bureau of Criminal History.

    Application Process

    What to disclose in your application

    Only the criminal incidents that you include in the application will be considered. Any omissions, either intentional or unintentional, may invalidate a determination. It is important to disclose all charges. DOPL receives information not released for non-government background checks. For example, a charge dismissed after successful completion of a plea in abeyance may not appear on most background checks, but it is released to DOPL. Passing previous background checks does not mean your background is clear.

    The following types of criminal incidents usually must be reported:

    • any misdemeanor, in any jurisdiction, in the last 10 years

    • any felony, in any jurisdiction

    • any active or pending criminal action (including arrests)

    Each profession or occupation has different criteria and concerns regarding criminal history. For more information, read the FAQs, and review the Criminal History Guidelines for that specific profession or occupation on DOPL’s website.

    How To Complete The Application

    1. Fill out the general information on page 1 and 2.

    2. Then, for EACH charge, plea, or conviction, fill out a copy of page 3: Criminal History Disclosure Statement.   

    3. Attach complete copies of your required supporting documents for EACH copy of page 3.You may attach as many copies of page 3 and as many documents as you need. 

    4. Fully complete all pages and submit all requested information and attachments. DOPL will not review an incomplete application.

    Please Note:

    • You must disclose each charge, plea, or conviction, even if it was later held in abeyance, diverted, reduced, or dismissed through a plea agreement.

    • You must disclose motor vehicle offenses such as driving while impaired or intoxicated. However, you do not need to disclose minor traffic offenses such as parking or speeding violations.

    • You do not need to report juvenile records; however, convictions of a minor tried as an adult outside of juvenile court must be reported.

    • You must disclose if you are restricted from possession, purchase, transfer, or ownership of a firearm or ammunition (even if your restriction is based on a non-reportable juvenile conviction).

    • You do not need to disclose legally expunged or sealed criminal history incidents. See Question 17 of the FAQs for more information on expungements.

    DOPL Review and Decision

    Upon receiving a complete Application for Criminal History Determination, DOPL will review all of the information submitted for the license you requested. DOPL may also ask for additional information and may require you to come before the licensing board for an interview.

    Within 30 days of receiving a complete application, DOPL will issue a determination letter identifying whether the criminal history you have submitted for review would, or would not, disqualify you from obtaining the license, even if you completed all other licensing requirements.

    Please note:

    • Your determination will be based on the statutory authority, administrative rules, and policies governing the identified license at the time of your application. Also, your determination will be based solely on the information that you provide with your application. Any intentional or unintentional misrepresentations or omissions may impact the determination.

    • If you later apply for a license, you will be subject to a new review of your criminal history. If you have received a favorable determination, DOPL will stand by its favorable determination and it is likely that your criminal history will not prevent you from obtaining that license. But note that licensing decisions may be impacted by a change in Utah's statutes, rules, or policies governing the license, or because of the discovery of additional information not previously known to DOPL.

    FBI Background check and fingerprinting

    Providing Fingerprints in Utah

    Fingerprinting at the Division is offered from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Heber Wells Building by appointment only. DOPL offers fingerprinting services for avenues of licensure that require a fingerprint-based background check for no additional charge.

    Please visit the Division's Fingerprinting Services Page to make an appointment. Valid government issued ID (US Driver’s License, State ID, Passport or US Military ID) is required.

    Note: You must have an application on file with the Division, or be prepared to submit your application when you arrive for your appointment. Electronic application services are available for most licenses and can be found here. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment if you are submitting a paper application.

    Submitting Fingerprint Cards

    If you are unable to obtain fingerprints at DOPL’s office, you must include two completed (2) blue fingerprint cards (Form FD-258) with your application.

    Cards must have complete demographic information (all aliases, age, hair/eye color, place of birth,) and be signed by both the applicant and the individual who took the prints. Prints must be free from smudges and be rolled completely from nail bed to nail bed, and from the tip of the finger to below the first knuckle. Incomplete or low quality cards will be rejected, and may delay the issuance of your license.

    Contact Information

    Utah State Board of Nursing Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing 160 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 Mailing Address: PO Box 146741, Salt Lake City, UT 84114 [email protected] (801) 530-6628


    Examination results are sent to applicants within two weeks. Licenses are sent to successful candidates within three weeks of the examination. An unsuccessful candidate must repay the NCLEX fee to Pearson VUE and email DOPL and request to be made eligible for the exam. Candidates must wait 45 days between examination attempts.


    Licensure by exam fees:

    Application Fee:        $60 NCLEX Exam:        $200 Fingerprint fee:    $0

    Licensing fee by endorsement (already have RN licensure):

    Application fee:    $60 Fingerprint fee:     $0 License renewal fee:    $68

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    Frequently asked questions

    How do I get my NCLEX results?

    DO NOT CALL DOPL – TEST RESULTS ARE NOT GIVEN OUT OVER THE PHONE. DOPL receives the test results the day after the exam except on weekends/holidays. If you fail, your results will be mailed and a letter explaining your next step. (To see if a license has been issued to you, check our License Lookup & Verification application. Enter your name in the Name Search field and then click Search. (DOPL's website is updated daily at 9:00 p.m)

    Can I fax my application to you?

    Applications are not accepted via fax. You may use our online system to apply or submit applications by mail or in person.

    Do I need to send in new fingerprint cards if you have already done a background check on me?

    Yes, each application must have the required 2 fingerprint cards. See our Fingerprinting Information page for additional instructions.

    How long can I work on my compact license from another State?

    A nurse changing primary state of residence, from one party state to another party state, may continue to practice under the former home state license and multi-state privilege during the processing of the nurse’s licensure application in the new home state for a period not to exceed 90 days.

    Where can I find CEs?
    I just recently had a background check performed for another license. Can I use that background check for my multi-state license?

    No. The background check must be done at the time of the application, and it is the only purpose for which it will be able to be used.

    When are the license renewal periods?

    RN Licenses expire on January 31 of odd years.

    Are there any CE requirements for Utah RN license renewal?

    During the past 2 years, you must have completed licensed practice for at least 400 hours or licensed practice for at least 200 hours and completed 15 hours of approved continuing education or completed 30 hours of approved continuing education.