How much does an Allied Health Professional make in Saint Petersburg, FL?

Average Allied Health Professional Salary

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The average salary for an Allied Health Professional in Saint Petersburg, FL is $2,373 per week. This is 3% higher than the Florida average of $2,301.

Estimate based on 95 active jobs in the last 90 days.

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What type of Allied Health Professionals make the most money in St. Petersburg?

SpecialtyAverage Weekly SalaryMax Weekly Salary
Ultrasound Technologist$2,630$2,630
Respiratory Therapist$2,604$4,752
Sonography Technician$2,600$2,600
Surgical Technologist$2,540$2,540
Endoscopy Technician$2,415$2,540
X-Ray Technician$2,264$2,540
CT Technologist$2,210$2,210
Medical Lab Technician$2,019$2,709
Cath Lab Technologist$1,981$2,137
MRI Technologist$1,962$1,962

Top Allied Health Professional Jobs

View job details for Travel CT TechnologistTotalMed Allied
Travel CT Technologist
St. Petersburg, Florida
TotalMed Allied
4 hours ago
Dec 2013 wks5x8 hrsNights
Travel contract
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View job details for Travel Cath Lab TechnologistCross Country Allied
Travel Cath Lab Technologist
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Cross Country Allied
an hour ago
Dec 1312 wks3x12 hrsDays
Travel contract
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View job details for Travel Respiratory TherapistKPG Allied
Travel Respiratory Therapist
St. Petersburg, Florida
KPG Allied
8 hours ago
ASAP13 wks5x8 hrs
Travel contract
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View job details for Travel Endoscopy TechnicianFocus Staff
Travel Endoscopy Technician
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Focus Staff
5 hours ago
Dec 1913 wks3x12 hrs
Travel contract
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