• Certifications and Licenses
  • ENPC - Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course

    • $300-$370
    • Renews every 4 years



    Earners of this credential have demonstrated advanced critical thinking and a high level of knowledge in providing emergency care to pediatric patients and their families. Earners can use their knowledge to assess, analyze, intervene, and evaluate ill or injured pediatric patients in the emergency setting.

    Accurate assessment of a child with acute illness or injury requires special knowledge and skills. Courses taken prior to testing for the exam are designed to provide the core-level pediatric knowledge and psychomotor skills needed to properly assess and implement evidence-based interventions to improve outcomes for this high-risk patient population.

    What is learned in the course:

    • The latest pediatric emergency nursing practice recommendations

    • Systematic assessment and application of care

    • Education that can be applied to every pediatric patient you treat 

    • The newly released 5th Edition includes added content on dermatologic and environmental emergencies, human trafficking, food allergies, and more 

    • Rapid identification of pediatric life-threatening injuries and illnesses

    • Comprehensive patient assessment

    • Enhanced intervention for better patient outcomes

    A variety of learning methodologies are incorporated into ENPC, including online pre-course modules, a textbook, interactive lectures, hands-on practice at home, and case-based learning.

    Eligibility requirements

    • Participants must be an RN and possess a current unrestricted nursing license to receive verification

    • LPNs and paramedics are eligible to attend all portions of the course except for the written and psychomotor evaluations. For this reason, they do not receive verification but are awarded contact hours

    Costs to certify

    Costs to become certified range from $300 to $370


    How to become Certified

    The certification course is offered by several organizations, and some hospitals have developed their own course as well. To successfully complete the course, the participant must attend all sessions, must score 80% or better on the 50 item multiple choice test and successfully pass the two skill stations: “Management of the Ill or Injured Pediatric Patient” station and the “Triage” station. It is suggested that all participants read the complete ENPC Provider Course manual, 3rd edition, that is sent to participants prior to the course. A card verifying the successful completion of the ENPC Provider Course will be issued to the RN along with a certificate for 19.2 continuing education contact hours (CECHs). Verification remains current for four years.

    Renewal information

    The internationally recognized verification as an ENPC provider is earned upon successful completion. Recertification can be done every 4 years, and the cost is $350. Recertification is by Exam or CE Attestation Fee. There are discounts for ENA (Emergency Nurse Association) members and military personnel.

    Other Resources

    There are several different exam prep courses, which mostly all cover the same content. One is from Mometrix Test Preparation and the cost is $39.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How do you perform the practical testing for this course?

    The physical testing is performed live, via zoom, by displaying a mock patient and equipment over Zoom while providing a testing scenario. The student will then guide the instructor through the scenario, indicating the correct course of assessment and actions for that patient.

    How do I take the written exam for this course?

    The written exam is done online, after the live portion of the course. After passing the practical portion (see above), you are then issued a link to take the written exam. ENA will send this link to you. 

    I'm a travel nurse, how soon can I start my exam and get my card?

    The exam can be started after the practical testing for the course.

    I'm a brand-new nurse. Can I take this course online/via Zoom?


    I do not have any ED experience. Can I take this course?


    How do I receive my card?

    Upon successful completion (see below for criteria), a card will be issued via ENA.org. The ENA's website is a great resource as it will be available online.

    How do I receive my contact hours?

    Upon completion of the course, the contact hours are issued directly via ENA.org.

    Can I use my textbook for the written exam?

    Yes, the written exam is an open-book exam.

    How long after the course do I have to take the exam?

    There are seven days to take the exam.

    Can you extend my time to take the written exam?

    Sadly, no. ENA does not permit any extensions to the exam period.

    What happens if I fail both attempts on the exam?

    ENA does not permit another attempt without re-enrolling in another course.

    Do I need the textbook to start the pre-course modules?

    No, you don't need the course textbook to start the modules. However, it is recommended that you do have it. The ENA sometimes delays the delivery of both the print version of the book or the eBook. Usually, this delay is due to being out of stock of both the eBook or the print book.