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RN Salary Guide: Miami, FL

Miami, Florida, is known for sunshine, picturesque beaches, laid-back vibes and nightlife. For registered nurses (RNs), Florida’s second-largest city isn’t just a great place to live. It also provides many opportunities for landing good-paying nursing jobs. In this RN salary guide, we discuss the average RN salary in Miami, compare it to the salaries of various healthcare providers and share tips on how to make more money working in this exciting city.

How Much Does a Staff Nurse Make in Miami?

The average staff RN salary in Miami was $33.61 per hour, according to Vivian’s salary data at the end of December 2022. This hourly wage calculates to approximately $1,344 per week in a 40-hour, full-time schedule. Nationwide, the average RN salary is $37.24 per hour, roughly 10% more than the average hourly rate for registered nurses in Miami. Although RNs across Florida tend to earn less than the national average, the state doesn’t collect state income taxes. Also, sales taxes are relatively low at 7% on most goods and services, except exempt items like groceries, prescriptions and common over-the-counter remedies.

How Much Does a Travel Nurse Make in Miami?

Travel nursing jobs in Miami typically pay more than staff positions. In travel positions, Miami RNs earned an average of $3,025 per week, per Vivian’s job postings in late December 2022. On average, this weekly salary is approximately 125% more than staff nurses make per week in the city. The average weekly rate for travel nurse jobs in Miami is also 15% more than the national average for all travel nurses, which was $2,629 per week during the same period.

How Does the Average Miami Nurse Salary Compare to the Florida Average?

For permanent jobs, the average RN salary in Miami was 3% higher than the Florida average of $32.50 per hour, according to Vivian’s salary data at the end of 2022. Travel nurse jobs in Miami also paid more than the statewide average, with weekly wages 37% higher than the average travel salary of $1,914 in Florida, during the same period.

Compared to other large cities in Florida, RNs in Miami typically earn more money per hour, as illustrated by the table below.

City Average Hourly Wages Comparison to Miami
Fort Lauderdale $33.61 Equal
St. Petersburg $33.39 1% less
Tampa $33.39 1% less
Port St. Lucie $32.73 3% less
Cape Coral $31.83 5% less
Jacksonville $31.78 5% less
Orlando $31.25 7% less
Tallahassee $30.29 10% less

Source: Vivian Salary Tool

How Does Nurse Pay in Miami Compare to Similar Healthcare Jobs in Miami?

Considering the level of education needed to enter the field, the standard RN salary is higher than other healthcare jobs in Miami, FL. RNs generally earn significantly more than healthcare positions that require a postsecondary certificate or associate degree, but healthcare specialties requiring a master’s degree often pay more than RNs earn. The table below features salary information gathered from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Vivian Health at the end of December 2022 for comparison.

Job Average Hourly Wage in Miami Comparison to RN Wages in Miami Minimum Schooling Typically Required
Physician Assistant $55.49 65% more Master’s degree
Nurse Practitioner $49.89 49% more Master’s degree
Respiratory Therapist $28.22 16% less Associate degree
Radiologic Technologist $27.45 18% less Associate degree
Licensed Practical Nurse $22.99 32% less Postsecondary certificate
Surgical Technologist $22.19 33% less Associate degree
Medical Assistant $18.25 46% less Postsecondary certificate
Nursing Assistant $13.11 61% less Postsecondary certificate

Sources: Vivian Salary Tool, BLS

What Is the Highest-Paid Nurse Specialty in Miami, FL? 

The average RN salary in Miami differs by specialty. Based on Vivian’s travel nurse job postings at the end of 2022, the following were the highest-paid specialties in the city:

  • Cardiovascular Operating Room: Caring for patients in operating rooms during cardiac surgeries
  • Emergency Room: Delivering timely care to patients dealing with urgent and life-threatening conditions, illnesses and injuries
  • Operating Room: Providing care for patients and assisting surgeons during routine and emergency surgical procedures
  • Cardiovascular Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Monitoring and caring for children with heart conditions
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Specializing in care for children who need the highest level of monitoring and interventions
  • Pediatrics: Giving care to children and adolescents in a variety of settings, including hospitals and private practices
  • Urgent Care: Administering timely care to patients who have serious but not life-threatening injuries, illnesses and conditions

What Are the Most In-Demand Nursing Jobs in Miami?

The demand for RNs in Miami hospitals, clinics, private practices and other settings also varies by specialty. According to Vivian’s permanent nursing job postings for Miami, the following were the most in-demand specialties as 2022 drew to a close:

  • Medical-Surgical: Caring for patients preparing for and recovering from medical or surgical procedures
  • Telemetry: Monitoring patients who’ve experienced cardiovascular incidents using state-of-the-art technology
  • Nursing Manager: Supervising teams of nurses and coordinating care with other healthcare professionals
  • Operating Room: Caring for patients in the operating room during various surgeries
  • Oncology: Delivering care to patients undergoing treatment for cancer
  • Intermediate Care: Providing care to patients with ongoing serious or complex medical conditions that aren’t currently life-threatening
  • Emergency Department: Assessing and caring for patients who visit hospital emergency departments

What Is the Forecast for Nursing Jobs in Miami and Other Florida Cities?

Across Florida, the demand for RNs should grow by 12.2% through 2030, with a total of 108,546 total job openings during that time, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. Although Miami’s rate of growth for RN jobs is lower than in most of Florida’s other major metropolitan areas, the city and the surrounding county should see the largest number of openings, with an estimated 14,177 job postings for RNs through 2030.

Overall, 13% of all job openings for RNs should be in the Miami area. Refer to the chart below to see how Miami compares to Florida’s other metropolitan areas regarding new job growth and open positions for RNs.

Metropolitan Area Anticipated Growth Through 2030 Total Number of New RN Jobs Through 2030
Tampa 17.9% 10,035
Orlando 15.6% 9,112
Tallahassee 14.9% 1,806
Port St. Lucie 13.8% 3,095
Jacksonville 12.6% 8,121
Cape Coral 12.1% 3,487
St. Petersburg 11.6% 6,477
Miami 10.1% 14,177 
Fort Lauderdale 8.8% 8,739 

Source: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

How Can You Increase Your Pay as a Nurse in Miami, FL? 

The average RN salary in Miami only tells part of the story. How much nurses make in this city varies based on many factors, including education, certification and employer type. The following Miami nurse career tips can help you increase your pay as an RN.

Continue Your Education

If you completed an associate degree program to obtain your RN license, pursuing a bachelor’s degree could boost your pay. RNs who already hold bachelor’s degrees can seek post-graduate certificates, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees to enter advanced practice specialties or take on leadership roles.

Colleges and universities that offer bachelor’s bridge programs and/or graduate-level nursing programs in the Miami area include but aren’t limited to:

  • The University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies
  • Benjamín León School of Nursing at Miami Dade College
  • Barry University School of Nursing
  • Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Florida International University

Consider Travel Nursing Positions

As explained above, travel nurse jobs in Miami pay more on average than permanent RN positions, and you don’t necessarily have to live out of the area to pursue travel contracts. Taking short-term positions has other benefits beyond increased pay. Working in different settings allows you to explore best practices and develop your skills. In addition, you may be less likely to get caught up in workplace drama and experience burnout when consistently changing work environments.

Join Professional Organizations

Professional organizations allow you to network with other nurses and healthcare professionals. Building your network by attending events and meetings may one day open the doors to receiving high-paying job offers. Some state and local organizations include: 

  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Greater Miami Area Chapter
  • American Psychiatric Nurses Association Florida Chapter
  • Black Nurses Association Miami Chapter
  • Dermatology Nurses’ Association Florida
  • Florida Nurses Association
  • Florida Organization of Nurse Executives
  • National Association of Hispanic Nurses Florida Broward County Chapter
  • Philippine Nurses Association of Miami and Southeast Florida

Seek Certification

Earning professional certifications in an advanced practice area may qualify you for a pay raise and give you a chance to focus on an area of nursing that you feel passionate about. There are dozens of advanced practice RN certifications you can pursue. Costs and requirements vary, but most involve holding an active RN license, receiving minimum education or training and working a minimum number of hours in a certain specialty. You also typically need to pass an examination.

Be Flexible About Scheduling

An RN’s salary in Miami may differ for specific shifts at hospitals and other facilities that deliver round-the-clock care. Generally, third shifts earn more than first and second because fewer people want to work overnight. Volunteering to work on weekends and holidays may also give you a considerable boost in pay.

Another strategy is to agree to rotating shifts. With this type of schedule, you may work some days, afternoons, evenings and nights. A variable schedule can make it difficult to maintain a daily routine. However, healthcare employers often reward this flexibility with higher wages.

Explore Top Healthcare Employers in Miami

UHealth Tower

Florida is home to several top hospitals and health systems, many of which have locations or headquarters in Miami. To help you begin your search for high-paying staff and travel RN positions, consider these high-ranking employers in the healthcare industry:

  • Baptist Health South Florida: More than 1.8 million patients receive care through this health system from its 26,000-plus employees each year. The system includes 10 hospitals with specializations in oncology, cardiology, vascular medicine, orthopedics and neurology.
  • Keralty Hospital Miami: A multinational health organization headquartered in Miami, Keralty operates 346 facilities in eight countries and treats 6 million patients yearly. Keralty Hospital Miami offers a variety of specialties of interest to patients and nurses, including internal medicine, infectious disease, respiratory care, cardiology, urology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, podiatry, psychiatric care, palliative care and home health care.
  • Core Medical: One of the largest medical staffing companies in the United States, Core Medical places RNs in travel positions throughout the Miami area.
  • AccentCare: The fourth-largest home health company in the United States, AccentCare operates in 31 states and hires RNs in Miami to deliver care to patients in home settings.
  • HCA Florida Healthcare: This network of doctors and nurses is one of the largest in Florida and cares for millions of patients annually. The network operates Mercy Hospital, Kendall Hospital and Aventura Hospital in the Miami area.

Reading employer reviews helps you learn more about potential employers. Remember, compensation for RNs goes beyond hourly wages. Benefits such as health insurance, paid time off and retirement plans can set hospitals and other healthcare providers apart from their competitors. Finding the right employer makes living in the Sunshine State even more rewarding, and many sites often tout that Miami is the most popular city in the eastern United States.

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