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Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida

Physicians Regional Healthcare System
1285 Creekside Blvd E
Naples, FL 34109

About this facility

Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida is located in SW Florida, Florida, within five miles of the Gulf Coast. The three-story, 50-bed hospital is located on the corner of Creekside Blvd. and Goodlette-Frank Road (one-half block from Immokalee Road). The hospital’s architecture is noted for its curvilinear shape and was designed to be aesthetically pleasing while being functional. Ample free parking is available in front of the hospital with a circular drive allowing for safe and convenient access. Upon entering the hospital, the first floor utilized a number of SW Florida Community Hospital physicians and services, particularly endoscopy and wound care services. The building houses administrative offices, kitchen and dining room, and operating rooms specializing in orthopedics, general surgery and many other services. An entire floor is the Long-Term Acute Care and surgical beds for patients who need a longer time to recover. The entire hospital utilizes a Synexsis filtration system that all but eliminates infection rates with the result of not a single surgical infection in more than five years. Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida has a team of hospitalists and critical care/pulmonary specialists to care for patients on a daily basis while also having an exceptional medical staff of most of the critical specialties. Staff nurses have advanced certification in many fields such as CCRN, nurse practitioners and others. The hospital cares for more than 600 patients a year and continues to see admissions and surgical caseload grow.
  • Long Term Acute Care
  • Private Facility
  • 50 beds
  • Technomad