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700 S Telephone Rd
Moore, OK 73160

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Norman Regional obtained Moore Medical Center in 2007 and since has been caring for the City of Moore. We care about the health and wellness of the entire community and plan to continue serving its citizens with the highest quality of compassionate care. Norman Regional Moore, conveniently located off Interstate 35 on Telephone Road, offers a 24/7 Emergency Department; Lab Services; Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy; Diagnostic Imaging; a Breast Care Center; Physician Offices; an Outpatient Counseling Center, a Senior Counseling Center, and the Daily Grind Coffee Shop. It is also home to the “Sanctuary,” a piece of public art outside the building that was created as part of the Art for Healing Project after the May 20, 2013 tornado that destroyed much of Moore, including what then was known as Moore Medical Center. Sanctuary is fabricated from powder-coated stainless steel and more than 2,000 prismatic crystals. The three-dimensional pyramid utilizes the Norman Regional Health System logo for its base symbolizing the links between physicians, staff, patients and community. The sculpture isn’t intended to be a memorial but rather a landmark acting as a symbol reflecting the community and health system’s strength in rebuilding and moving forward from the tornado. The artist is Brower Hatcher of Mid-Ocean Studio, located in Providence, Rhode Island.


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2.0rating(2 reviews)
CT Technologist (Allied Health Professional)
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Review of Norman Regional Moore Medical Center on Apr 20, 2024

I was seen in your Emergency Room about 10 days ago. I was very ill. They gave me some medication that made me very sleepy. When they discharged me they didn’t even offer me a wheelchair. The Doctor also told me they were gonna give me Potassium because my potassium level was low. They never did give this to me. They prescribed an antibiotic but they didn’t tell me why. They never told me that I had any kind of infection. Also they took my necklace off me to do an EKG. I never got my necklace back. I called up there to see if it got out in the lost & found. They did not have it so that tells me one of the employees took it. It was an expensive necklace. I won’t come here again. The Doctor & nurses were nice but they missed a medication, offered no wheelchair, did not tell me why I needed an antibiotic. & stole my necklace.

Lisa R
Lisa R
ED - Emergency Department (RN)
Review of Norman Regional Moore Medical Center on Aug 9, 2023
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