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1087 Dennison Ave
Columbus, OH 43201

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OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital in Columbus, OH is not nationally ranked in any specialty.


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    1:7 Patient ratio

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  • Rehabilitation
  • 114 beds
  • Epic Systems Corporation


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Mansfield ED

Patient ratios are decent; 4:1. Physicians are rude and condescending and run full work ups on even minute complaints. Had a physician scream at me in the hallways and call me a “baby nurse” in front of a patient because I offered them a drink and she felt they needed to go to the cath lab. Btw: cardiologist had just been in the room and told the pt they were going to discharge them. Staff is (mostly) helpful and practices team nursing! Poor ED layout, you’ll run all over the place to find anything you need. Facility cancelled mine and all travel contracts the week of thanksgiving with no notice due to “low census”. From what I’ve heard now, this is an infamous move for Ohio health facilities. Overall, I won’t plan to return.

ED - Emergency Department (RN)
Review of OhioHealth on Nov 29, 2023
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