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HCA Medical City Healthcare (HCA North Texas)
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3200 N Tarrant Pkwy
Fort Worth, TX 76177

About this facility

Wise Health Surgical Hospital at Parkway provides residents of North Fort Worth and the surrounding areas easy access to a dedicated surgical facility. Located on 3200 North Tarrant Parkway near the Alliance Town Center, our hospital focuses on minimally invasive spine, cardiac and vascular surgery – services that were not available in the region until now. Wise Health Surgical Hospital at Parkway is a modern and welcoming facility, equipped with the most advanced technologies. Compared to larger, full-service hospitals, Parkway offers flexible scheduling with a specialized nursing staff focused on personalized care. Wise Health Surgical Hospital at Parkway in Fort Worth currently provides the following services: Cardiac Catheterization Electrophysiology Interventional Radiology Joint Replacement Surgery Occupational Therapy Orthopedic Surgery Pain Management Physical Therapy Podiatry Spine Surgery


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  • Short Term Acute Care
  • 36 beds
  • Altera Digital Health a Harris Company


5.0rating(1 review)
Med Surg / Telemetry (RN)
Review of Wise Health Surgical Hospital on Dec 26, 2023

HCA Medical City Healthcare (HCA North Texas)

1.0rating(1 review)

The Grass is Greener

So far I've worked for a total of five hospital systems as a staff nurse and traveler. Total of 18 months of traveling with HCA. I'm simply here to tell you the rumors are true, profits are put before patient's well being. Unnecessary work ups are pushed on patients, metrics are the forefront of how decisions are made, staff is worked to the absolute limit. The only thing I'm unsure of is who HCA cares about less, their patients or their employees. I always tell the permanent staff that the grass most definitely is greener on the other side.

ED - Emergency Department (RN)
Review of HCA Medical City Healthcare (HCA North Texas) on Mar 20, 2024
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