Telemetry Nurse salaries in North Carolina

Average Telemetry Nurse Salary

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The average salary for a Telemetry Nurse in North Carolina is $31.94 per hour. This is 17% lower than the US average of $37.24.

Estimate based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

How to increase your Telemetry RN salary

Furthering your education is generally a guaranteed way to increase your telemetry nursing salary. Gaining a Master of Science in Nursing also opens the door to an advanced practice role, such as a telemetry nurse practitioner. APRN positions also give your salary a boost.

Telemetry RNs should always consider pursuing one or more professional certifications to enhance their professional credibility and demonstrate their higher level of clinical competence, which should earn an increased salary. The National Telemetry Association offers certification after passing the Telemetry Certification in Cardiac Arrhythmia Interpretation exam. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) also offers two options applicable to telemetry.

You're eligible to take the Progressive Care Certified Nurse exam after either working directly with acutely ill patients for 1,750 hours over a two-year span or 2,000 hours over a five-year span. The CCRN-E is a specialty certification for nurses who primarily care for acutely/critically ill patients in a centralized or remotely based teleICU setting. You can sit for this exam after completing 1,750 hours in a teleICU or a combination of teleICU and direct patient care of acutely/critically ill adult patients in a two-year span or completing 2,000 hours in a five-year span. Both certifications are available to telemetry RNs or APRNs.

What cities in North Carolina pay the most for Telemetry Nurses?

Burlington is currently the highest paying city in North Carolina for Telemetry Nurse jobs, paying up to $100/hr. This is 68% higher than the average pay for Telemetry Nurse roles in North Carolina.

Other top paying cities include Fayetteville, paying up to $46/hr, Raeford, paying up to $46/hr, and Thomasville, paying up to $44/hr.

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How does the pay for Telemetry Nurses in North Carolina compare to nearby states?

Average Hourly SalaryMax Hourly Salary
District of Columbia$34$45