Average Allied Health Professional Salary


The average salary for an Allied Health Professional in Florida is $33.28 per hour. This is 28% lower than the US average of $42.70.

Last updated on July 21, 2024. Based on active jobs on Vivian.com.

Allied Health Professional salaries in Florida compared to National Averages



28% lower than the US average.


United States

What cities in Florida pay the most for Allied Health Professionals?
CityAverage Hourly SalaryMax Hourly Salary
Fort Myers, Florida$45$49
Gainesville, Florida$32$100
Cape Coral, Florida$30$75
Lehigh Acres, Florida$30$75
Miami, Florida$30$36
Celebration, Florida$27$100
What type of Allied Health Professionals make the most money in Florida?
SpecialtyAverage Hourly SalaryMax Hourly Salary
CT Technologist$38$49
Registered Respiratory Therapist$35$43
Radiology Technologist$34$42
How does the pay for Allied Health Professionals in Florida compare to nearby states?
Average Hourly SalaryMax Hourly Salary
North Carolina$38$46
South Carolina$31$39
West Virginia$24$100
What are the highest paying Employers and Agencies for Allied Health Professional jobs in Florida?

Last updated on July 21, 2024. Information based on active jobs on Vivian.com and pay data from BLS and around the web.

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