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The State of Salary Transparency in Healthcare

With pay secrecy slowly becoming a thing of the past across many industries, there seems to be an appetite for greater salary transparency among many Americans. In the last 30 days (as of April 11, 2023), the hashtag #salarytransparency has had 31 million U.S. views on the video platform TikTok and a staggering 437 million views over the last year. An analysis of Google search data shows that U.S. searches for “salary transparency” are up 309% in the last year as market dynamics continue to feed the nation’s appetite for progressive measures in recruitment.

While the desire for salary transparency is growing across all industries, at Vivian Health, we prioritize empowering healthcare professionals. Salary transparency helps reduce pay gaps and enables medical professionals to make more informed career decisions. We applaud those states pushing agendas that support salary transparency. We also play a key role in urging the industry forward by requiring employers to provide details on salaries and benefits within their job postings on our site.

What Is Salary Transparency?

Salary transparency protects job seekers during the recruitment process by requiring employers to provide the pay range for a role they’re advertising upfront. This practice prevents potential employees from wasting time applying for positions that don’t pay enough to meet their needs, attracts suitable candidates to the vacancy and allows individuals to compare different roles and opportunities much more efficiently. Salary transparency also benefits employers by ensuring pay negotiations will be streamlined during the offer process, allowing facilities to hire talent more quickly and cost-effectively.

Which States Have Salary Transparency Laws?

Currently, just seven U.S. states have salary transparency laws in place. Laws vary between states and jurisdictions, but generally, they include providing employees with pay ranges during the hiring process or advertising pay ranges in job postings ahead of the interview process.

States with Salary Transparency Laws

State Effective Date Employers Impacted Requirements
Maryland 10/1/20 Engaged in business in the state Requires employers to provide the wage range to applicants for the position they applied for on request
Colorado 1/1/21 Have at least one employee in the state Requires employers to announce to all employees any employment advancement opportunities and job openings with the pay ranges for these openings
Connecticut 10/1/21 Have at least one employee in the state Provide an applicant for employment the wage range for a position for which they’re applying upon the earliest of the applicant’s request or before or at the time an offer of compensation is made
Nevada 10/1/21 Located in the state  Provide an applicant who has completed an interview for a position, the wage or salary range or rate for the position
Rhode Island 1/1/23 Have at least one employee in the state Provide an applicant for employment with the wage range for the position the applicant is applying for upon request
Washington 1/1/23 Have 15 or more employees Provide wage scale or salary range and a general description of all the benefits and other compensation to be offered
California 1/1/23 Have 15 or more employees Provide the salary or hourly wage range the employer reasonably expects to pay for the position
New York 9/17/23 Have 4 or more employees Provide the compensation or range of compensation

Source: MD Bill / CO Bill  / CT Bill / NV BillRI BillMD BillCA BillNY Bill

A handful of cities or counties have specific legislation in place for salary transparency, including areas of New York, which also has pending statewide legislation. These include the cities/counties listed below.

States with Pay Transparency Laws by City

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Ithaca, New York
  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • New York City, New York
  • Toledo, Ohio
  • Westchester County, New York

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Which States Currently Don’t Have Any Salary Transparency Laws?

There are still 43 states that don’t have statewide laws in place for salary transparency. These appear in the following table.

States without Salary Transparency Laws

Alabama Iowa Nebraska South Carolina
Alaska Kansas Nevada South Dakota
Arizona Kentucky New Hampshire Tennessee
Arkansas Louisiana New Jersey Texas
Delaware Maine New Mexico Utah
Florida Massachusetts North Carolina Vermont
Georgia Michigan North Dakota Virginia
Hawaii Minnesota Ohio West Virginia
Idaho Mississippi Oklahoma Wisconsin
Illinois Missouri Oregon Wyoming
Indiana Montana Pennsylvania

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Transparent Salary of Staff Healthcare Positions

At Vivian Health, we pride ourselves on being transparent about pay in all 50 states. We offer a database of vacancies that provides candidates with detailed information within the job listing, including salary information, before they even apply. No matter where you live or travel for work, you can use our data to explore salaries in any area of the U.S., allowing you to make informed career decisions nationwide.

Using an analysis of internal data, we looked at various disciplines and specialties in nursing and allied healthcare to highlight salary differences across the nation. The following two tables offer visibility to data that’s typically hidden, showing the top and bottom salaries in healthcare positions for states that don’t currently reveal salaries. By analyzing salary data usually kept “secret” in the majority of states, a difference in salaries for the same positions can be seen across the nation, with some significant pay discrepancies between states.

Top Staff Healthcare Salaries in States without Transparency Laws

States Top Hourly Salary Discipline  Specialty 
Iowa $200 CRNA Anesthesia
Tennessee $200 Nurse Practitioner Orthopedic Surgery
Texas $178 LPN/LVN Med-Surg / LPN/LVN
Virginia $132 CRNA Anesthesia
Montana $129 CRNA Anesthesia
South Dakota $124 Allied Health Pro Physicist
Michigan $115 CRNA Anesthesia
Minnesota $105 RN Emergency Department
Illinois $103 CRNA Anesthesia
Pennsylvania $100 RN Operating Room
Alaska $96 Nurse Practitioner Family Practice
Florida $94 RN Administrative
Louisiana $93 RN Pediatrics
Utah $90 RN Operating Room
Oregon $90 Nurse Practitioner Acute Care
Massachusetts $90 RN Emergency Department
South Carolina $87 RN Director of Nursing
Idaho $86 RN Med Surg
New Mexico $85 Nurse Practitioner Acute Care
Oklahoma $78 Nurse Practitioner Acute Care/Family Practice
Missouri $75 Therapy Speech Language Pathologist
North Carolina $75 RN Manager
Arizona $75 Therapy Occupational Therapist
West Virginia $73 RN House Supervisor
Indiana $73 RN Operating Room
Maine $73 RN Home Health
Delaware $73 Nurse Practitioner Pediatrics
Vermont $72 RN Psychiatric
Wyoming $72 RN Public Health / Outpatient Surgery
Wisconsin $72 Allied Health Pro Perfusionist

Source: Vivian Health (2022 salary data)

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The median weekly salary for travel Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) positions in Washington (a salary-declaring state) is $7,150, which is higher than those salaries in Idaho, Virginia, Montana and other states without salary transparency.

Lowest Staff Healthcare Salaries in States without Transparency Laws

States Lowest Hourly Salary Discipline  Specialty 
New Hampshire $7.25 RN Endoscopy
Oklahoma $9 Allied Health EMT / ER Technician
Texas $10 RN Operating Room
Missouri $11 CNA/CMA Various
Wisconsin $11 CNA/CMA Various
Illinois $11 CNA/CMA Various
Louisiana $12 Allied Health Respiratory Therapist
Arkansas $12.68 CMA CMA
Florida $12.75 RN Telemetry / Progressive Care Unit
Nebraska $13 Allied Health Professional Sterile Processing Technician
New Mexico $13 CMA CMA
South Dakota $13 CNA CNA
Pennsylvania $13 CNA Mental Health
Virginia $13.45 Allied Health Surgical Technologist
Indiana $14 CNA CNA
Montana $14 CNA Acute
Utah $14 Allied Health Behavioral Health Technician
South Carolina $15 CMA Clinic
North Carolina $15 Allied Health Phlebotomist
Idaho $15 CNA/Allied Health Various
Oregon $15 Allied Health / CMA / RN Various
North Dakota $16 Allied Health Surgical Technologist
Massachusetts $16 CMA CMA
Tennessee $16.40 CNA CNA
Iowa $17 Allied Health Medical Lab Technician
Alaska $17 CNA Long Term Care
Alabama $18 LPN/LVN Clinic
Michigan $18 Allied Health Medical Lab Technician
Minnesota $18 Allied Health Medical Assistant
Kentucky $19 Allied Health Radiology Technologist
Kansas $19 RN Med Surg
Mississippi $20 Allied Health EEG Technician
West Virginia $20 Allied Health EEG Technician
Georgia $20 Allied Health / LPN / LVN EEG Technician / Clinic
Maine $20 LPN/LVN Home Health
Arizona $20 Allied Health Radiology Technologist
Wyoming $22 LPN/LVN LPN/LVN
Vermont $25 Allied Health Medical Lab Technician
Delaware $30 RN CVICU / Float / CVPICU
Hawaii $35 CNA CNA

Source: Vivian Health (2022 salary data)

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Transparent Salaries of Travel Healthcare Positions

Working in a travel healthcare position may require you to be even more thoughtful when planning your finances. Moving locations means added housing costs and paying for travel expenses, making travel job salaries a pivotal factor in deciding your next move.

Compare the travel position salaries in the states with no transparency laws below. Some highlights include Michigan paying Neonatal Nurse Practitioners up to $12,250 weekly, North Carolina paying a Neurosurgery Nurse up to $9,000 weekly and Massachusetts paying a CRNA up to $8,000 per week.

Top Travel Healthcare Salaries in States without Transparency Laws

States Top Weekly Salary Discipline  Specialty 
Michigan $12,250 Nurse Practitioner Neonatology
North Carolina $9,900 Nurse Practitioner Neurosurgery
Pennsylvania $9,289 RN Pain Management
Kentucky $8,200 CRNA Anesthesia
Massachusetts $8,000 CRNA Anesthesia
Georgia $7,899 CRNA Anesthesia
Mississippi $7,600 CRNA Anesthesia
West Virginia $7,583 CRNA Anesthesia
Maine $7,500 CRNA Anesthesia
Iowa $7,345 Allied Health Physicist
Minnesota $7,150 CRNA Anesthesia
Missouri $7,100 CRNA Anesthesia
Virginia $6,960 CRNA Anesthesia
Wisconsin $6,838 CRNA Anesthesia
South Dakota $6,773 Allied Health Radiation Therapist
Idaho $6,600 CRNA Anesthesia
Indiana $6,534 Allied Health Physicist
Montana $6,445 CRNA Anesthesia
South Carolina $6,211 CRNA Anesthesia
New Mexico $6,077 CRNA Anesthesia
Louisiana $6,002 CRNA Anesthesia
Oklahoma $5,976 Allied Health Radiation Therapist
Texas $5,965 CRNA Anesthesia
Nebraska $5,756 CRNA Anesthesia
Illinois $5,675 CRNA Anesthesia
Florida $5,615 Allied Health Physicist
Arizona $5,600 Nurse Practitioner Acute Care
Tennessee $5,265 Allied Health Physicist
North Dakota $5,200 Physician Assistant General Surgery
Oregon $5,102 Allied Health Physicist
Wyoming $5,055 RN Assistant Director of Nursing
Delaware $4,803 RN CVPICU
Arkansas $4,670 RN Director of Nursing
Alaska $4,662 RN Trauma ICU
Hawaii $4,393 RN Educator
Alabama $4,195 CRNA Anesthesia
Kansas $4,061 RN House Supervisor
Utah $4,044 RN Pediatrics Post-Anesthetic Care
New Hampshire $4,000 Nurse Practitioner Family Practice / Hospitalist
Vermont $3,996 RN Pediatric Intensive Care

Source: Vivian Health (2022 Salary data)

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Lowest Travel Healthcare Salaries in States without Transparency Laws

States Lowest Weekly Salary Discipline  Specialty
Virginia $450 RN School RN
New Mexico $452 CNA Long Term Care
Indiana $608 Allied Health Patient Care Tech
Alabama $478 CNA CNA
North Dakota $480 Non-Healthcare Clerical
Kentucky $505 CNA Long Term Care
North Carolina $532 CNA CNA
West Virginia $544 CNA Clinic
Louisiana $552 Allied Health Telemetry Technician
Delaware $559 CNA Long Term Care
Nebraska $600 CNA Medical Unit
Michigan $600 Non-Healthcare Clerical
Utah $600 Non-Healthcare Clerical
Iowa $605 RN Urgent Care
Texas $613 CNA CNA
Kansas $625 CNA Clinic
Illinois $650 Allied Health Multi-Modality Technologist
New Hampshire $665 CNA Long Term Care
Pennsylvania $672 CNA CNA
Georgia $699 CNA Acute
Minnesota $700 Allied Health Monitor Technician
South Carolina $706 CNA Clinic
Florida $706 CNA Clinic
Missouri $726 CNA Clinic
Vermont $738 CNA Home Health
Massachusetts $743 RN Telehealth
Maine $767 CNA Acute
Wisconsin $771 CNA Mental Health
Oklahoma $806 CNA Clinic
Montana $840 CMA CMA
Arizona $862 CNA CNA
Oregon $863 CMA Medical Unit
Tennessee $864 Allied Health EKG Technician
Idaho $864 LPN / LVN Hospice
South Dakota $900 CNA Medical Unit
Arkansas $960 Nurse Practitioner Adult Medicine
Mississippi $964 LPN / LVN Correctional
Alaska $977 CNA Home Health
Hawaii $1,000 CNA Long Term Care
Wyoming $1,315 CNA CNA

Source: Vivian Health (2022 salary data)

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Is Pay Transparency a Trend to Get Onboard With?

While it’s a debated topic across the country, within healthcare, salary transparency can help streamline the recruitment process and ensure suitable candidates find the vacant roles that match their experience. At Vivian, we believe being more transparent with pay could help reduce staffing shortages across disciplines and retain more satisfied employees.

The healthcare industry is calling for reform when it comes to salary transparency. Technological advancements have altered how recruitment takes place nationwide, allowing information to be accessed much easier and strengthening the demand for equal transparency despite location.

Make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth. Compare your pay with the latest job market data using Vivian’s salary database today.

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