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5 Things You Didn’t Know Vivian Could Do

Vivian is not an agency, but a job marketplace for healthcare professionals to browse with pay transparency. We are here to empower healthcare professionals to find their perfect job opportunity faster, and easier than ever before. Our overall goal is to advocate for nurses and other healthcare workers and provide resources about trends in the industry, while helping professionals find employment that is right for them.

Some of the candidates on our site may not be aware of all that we do so we created a quick look at some lesser known facts.

1. Access jobs with transparent pay posted from over 100 agencies and thousands of facilities with one single profile.

Rather than having to fill out an application for every single agency whose jobs you want to browse, your Universal Profile on Vivian lets you see all of these jobs in one convenient place. Your profile also is a great place to store all of your resume, certifications, licenses, and any other onboarding paperwork for ease of access and quicker submissions to travel jobs. This makes applying with any agencies an easy, streamlined process, as the recruiters already have access to all of your essential documents and certs. Just make sure to update any certifications or licenses as they expire.

Bonus tip: If you do not have a resume ready to go and need one quickly, you can use the ‘Download Resume’ button in the “Profile” tab. This will download a PDF version of your profile in a resume format. Make sure that the ‘work experience’ section of your profile is extra detailed if you are going to use this function. 

2. Compare nursing salaries.

We launched our salary tool with the goal of ensuring all healthcare workers are getting fair, consistent pay. The Vivian Salary Tool allows you to compare travel nurse pay and permanent staff nurse pay nationwide, state by state, and even down to a city level. You can search average nursing pay rates by their specialty, or any specialty if they are looking to change roles.  

If you search by city, the tool will also let you know if the salary is above or below the statewide average. If you’d rather search at a state level, the average will be compared to national rates for that specialty, or general nursing wages if you do not choose a specific specialty. The Salary Tool is located under the “Resources” tab.

3. Find and leave reviews for travel nursing agencies and healthcare systems.

Next time you want information on an agency or facility, don’t waste your time on social media. Check out our Employer Reviews. It’s a great resource for nurses who are questioning what travel nurse agency to work for, or are looking for reviews on healthcare systems. We created this page to add to our mission of transparency in the job search journey for healthcare workers. The reviews are left by the healthcare professionals that have worked with or interacted with the agency or healthcare system. 

If you want to share your experience, you can leave a review anytime on any agency or employer. You can opt to make the review anonymous if you do not want your name attached to it. Negative travel nurse agency reviews keep the recruiters and agencies honest and let an employer know what they could do better. Whereas positive feedback gives kudos and lets agencies and recruiters know what is working right within their processes. This page is also located under the “Resources” tab. 

4. Find mental health and wellness resources for nurses.

Vivian is dedicated to making the lives of our healthcare workers easier and less stressful. Working in healthcare in any situation is a difficult job and can be taxing on a healthcare professional’s mental health. This past year has been horrendous in healthcare, and while we’d love to be able to flip a switch and fix it all, we know that isn’t possible. So, we continue to try to help find solutions to the staffing crisis, and also support the staff that are enduring the crisis in real time.

We’ve posted some blogs to help healthcare workers decompress outside of work, and to acknowledge that we are all in this together. Operation Happy Nurse is working with us to shed light on the PTSD facing nurses. They are also helping nurses find ways to implement gratitude and reduce post-work anxiety. We’ve also written some articles with tips to get rid of pre-shift anxiety and prioritizing your mental health as a nurse. 

5. Find your next permanent staff job.

We know that many nurses are looking to travel nursing in the immediate future due to the high travel nurse pay rates, secondary to the COVID pandemic. But, some nurses are getting sick of the constant moving around, onboarding, long hours, and consistently high stress levels. And, when the pandemic starts to wind down- there will most likely not be as many travel opportunities.

For folks looking for a change of pace, Vivian has partnered with healthcare systems to help fill their needs for permanent staff healthcare workers. Just like our travel jobs, we are committed to posting pay rates in all of our permanent staff job postings for nurses and all healthcare professionals. If you see a job on Vivian posted as an hourly rate (versus weekly pay), then you are looking at a permanent job post. Some of these jobs are offering some staggering sign on and relocation bonuses.

Learn more about our features and services on the Vivian FAQ page.

Rachel Norton BSN, RN

Rachel Norton has been a critical care nurse since 2007. She grew up in the northeast but enjoys every corner of the country. Her passions are people and travel, so travel nursing allows Rachel to both meet amazing people and satisfy her wanderlust - and she loves inspiring other nurses to do the same.

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I was referred to Vivian by my friend Leslie who is also a registered nurse. I’ve worked with other staffing agencies and travel nurse agencies. I need to security of health insurance. The other agencies I’ve worked with couldn’t secure that request. How about Vivian?


Thanks for reaching out Maria! Vivian isn’t a staffing agency. We’re a jobs marketplace, so we work with several different agencies. Each one has their own pay packages and policies, which allows you to compare agencies and choose one that offers what you want. Many of them have medical benefits available. Please visit our employer review page found here: to compare benefits and read reviews from RNs who’ve previously worked with these agencies. For questions about our website, please feel free to use the “Contact Vivian” option under the Resources tab to reach our 24/7 help desk.


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