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A Case Management LPN/LVN plays a pivotal role in the healthcare industry by combining nursing expertise with organizational skills to coordinate and manage the care of patients. These professionals bridge the gap between patients, healthcare providers and support services to ensure efficient and effective treatment plans. Case Management LPNs/LVNs work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics,


Becoming a Case Management LPN/LVN typically requires a diploma or certificate in Practical Nursing (LPN) or Vocational Nursing (LVN). These programs are commonly offered by community colleges or vocational schools and typically last around 12 to 18 months. The curriculum covers fundamental nursing concepts, pharmacology, patient care techniques and clinical experiences. It's crucial to attend a program accredited

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To pursue a career in Case Management as an LPN/LVN, several qualifications and experiences must be met. Firstly, you'll need to complete an accredited LPN/LVN program and obtain the required state licensure by passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). Some states might have additional requirements or variations in licensing, so researching the regulations in your state


Becoming a successful Case Management LPN/LVN demands a unique set of skills that blend medical expertise with organizational and interpersonal abilities. A solid understanding of medical conditions, treatments and healthcare systems is essential for assessing patient needs and coordinating appropriate care plans.

Strong organizational skills are paramount, as Case Management LPNs/LVNs must manage multiple cases simultaneously. This includes scheduling appointments, coordinating

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Case Management LPNs/LVNs have a range of responsibilities aimed at ensuring comprehensive and coordinated patient care. They assess patient needs, develop individualized care plans and collaborate with physicians, therapists and social workers to implement these plans. They may also assist in arranging transportation, home healthcare services and medical equipment as needed.

Monitoring patient progress and advocating for necessary interventions are vital

Salary Insights

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Case Management

The average salary for a Case Management is $1,490.85 per week.

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Pros & Cons

Case Management LPNs/LVNs play a significant role in ensuring coordinated care and efficient treatment plans for patients, resulting in positive outcomes. These healthcare professionals have the opportunity to work in diverse settings, ranging from hospitals to home healthcare agencies, providing versatility in their career paths. 

Moreover, Case Management LPNs/LVNs are responsible for addressing not only medical needs but also the social,

Case Management Jobs

View job details for Santa Rosa, CATravel ContractSanta Rosa, CATravel LPN / LVN - Case ManagementCross Country Nurses$1,560/wkEstimated pay package
View job details for Santa Rosa, CATravel ContractSanta Rosa, CATravel LPN / LVN - Case ManagementGenie Healthcare$1,600/wkEstimated pay package
Posted 2 days ago
View job details for Alliance, NETravel ContractAlliance, NETravel LPN / LVN - Case ManagementTotalMed Staffing$1,634/wk
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Posted 12 days ago
View job details for Santa Rosa, CATravel ContractSanta Rosa, CATravel LPN / LVN - Case ManagementTotalMed Staffing$1,529/wkEstimated pay package
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