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Hawthorn Children's Psychiatric Hospital

Missouri Department of Mental Health
5.0rating(2 reviews)
1901 Pennsylvania Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63133

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Hawthorn Children Psychiatric Hospital in Saint Louis, MO is not nationally ranked in any specialty.


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    1:8 Patient ratio

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  • Psychiatric
  • 24 beds
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5.0rating(2 reviews)

Love to support the children and team members

 working for Hawthorne I can say is very challenging because you wanna make a difference in the peers lives but overall so it’s a great place to work. You just have to be willing and dedicated to support someone who is needing extra support even though you feel like it’s not working for them it actually is it takes 60 days to break bad habits.

Long Term Care (LPN / LVN)
Review of Hawthorn Children's Psychiatric Hospital on Jan 16, 2024
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Long Term Acute Care (RN)
Review of Hawthorn Children's Psychiatric Hospital on Jan 11, 2024