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1100 W Stewart Dr
Orange, CA 92868

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St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, CA is not nationally ranked in any specialty.


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    1:2 Patient ratio

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  • Short Term Acute Care
  • 426 beds
  • Epic Systems Corporation

Providence Health & Services - Northern California (FKA St Joseph Health)

5.0rating(1 review)

Worked in the ED. I enjoyed my time there, met some great people, saw some amazing things. ED is traveler friendly. Have not heard so well about the other units however. Mostly 6 Months contracts. A little long IMO. Kind of far from the city, but if you like hiking this area is great. I may go back some day.

Russell S
Russell S
ED - Emergency Department (RN)
Contract Position Sep '17 - Mar '18
Review of Saint Joseph Hospital on May 8, 2018
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